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Eotech Holographic Sights

EOTech holographic scopes with red dot offer a large aiming window and precise reticle for fast, accurate double-eyed shooting. EOTech Red Dot holographic scopes are among the most sought after and technologically advanced aiming systems in the world. The combat reliability and superior shooting quality provided by the unique EOTech reticle (the brightest red dot on the market) make EOTech scopes one of the most famous red dots in the world.

EOTech holographic sights are engineered to be visible in all conditions, providing true dual-eye aiming with full peripheral vision and unrivaled target acquisition speed. Luckily, the holographic scopes on EOTech weapons allow you to shoot with both eyes for faster target detection. Red dot scopes require the eye to move back and forth between the optical plane and the target plane, but holographic sights allow you to focus on both the target and the reticle at the same time.

They often have a wider field of view than red dots, and the MOA reticle does not increase when you combine the view with a magnifying glass. Reflective sights provide a much wider field of view, but the optics are not weatherproof and if something is blocking the light path, they will not work as expected. However, they are easy to “scale down” for use on pistols and SBRs, so if you want a compact lens, a collimator sight is your best bet.

They look the same, you are using two eyes, and the illuminated aiming point is an iconic feature. Of course, these two scopes are very different, as the EOTech is a holographic sight and the Aimpoint H-1 is a tubular one. Although the EOTech HWS is sometimes grouped among all the red dot scopes, it uses a different system to present its reticle to the shooter. While a reflex sight has a fairly simple arrangement in which an LED emitter is projected onto a tilting lens, which is then reflected back into the eye, a holographic sight uses a laser to project onto a series of mirrors that direct that light to the grateful eye. which sends a hologram to the lens and then to your eye.

This holographic weapon sight can be used in conjunction with a night vision goggle at the push of a button. The EOTech 552.XR308 holographic sight is equipped with mounting hardware for attaching to a standard 1-inch dovetail or Picatinny rail. The EOTech 552.XR308 holographic sight with .XR-308 reticle provides a multi-purpose image calibrated for a specific flight path. M240.

The reticle of this model has an outer ring of 68 MOA and a center aiming point of 1 MOA for use in close combat. This model has a 68 MOA ring with a 1 MOA center point so you can hit your target at the speed you would expect from a holographic sight. When you drop the center point 50 yards … you get what works at 200 yards and 7 yards.

I recommend using the short night vision model to save space on the rails if you need to mount optics. You will need the new EOTechs green sighting optics, as the human eye has to perceive green color 6 times faster. Let’s go back to the newer / smaller design and move on to the screw mount system on the XPS2-0 ($ 470). The -4 models will feature a four-point grille with various holdovers from the BDC.

Thanks to the magic of the hologram, the mesh will still be in focus along with the target, creating the perfect visual image. The EOTech XPS2-0 is the only viewfinder I’ve ever used when it was natural for me to keep both eyes open while shooting. Well, the simplest shot can be accurate with a non-enlarged view with a projected reticle.

The reticle can be an infinitely small dot, the perceived size of which is determined by visual acuity. In addition, the EOTech scope is of the highest quality and I found that the reticle does not in any way obstruct the target or interfere with accurate shooting.

The EXPS3’s viewfinder is 11.2 ounces and 3.8 x 2.3 x 2.9 inches, which is slightly more compact than other EOTech models. In addition, the CR123’s battery-operated look makes this viewfinder small and light. A few years ago, EOtech launched a new line of scopes using 1 CR123 lithium battery.

EOtech’s “HHS” line of viewfinders includes a magnifying glass and is cheaper than buying 2 pieces separately. But for those looking to get the best out of a red dot optical viewfinder without magnification, the XPS2-0 is a great solution. For example, if you want an EOTech QD with night vision and single point reticle compatibility, you need to look for EXPS3-0.

Whether you are completing a search warrant in CQB scenarios or taking out an annoying four-legged creature, the EOTech scope will do the job. The construction of the EOTech XPS2-0 is solid and superior, which is to be expected from a military grade viewfinder. Surprisingly, EOTech doesn’t offer a simple eye dust cover.

Holographic sights use a series of lasers and mirrors to create a holographic image of a grid enclosed in glass. Unlike red dot scopes, holographic scopes use a laser to illuminate a hologram (an engraved reticle) sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The recorded hologram is illuminated by collimated light from a laser diode built into the viewfinder. The EoTech 552.XR308 holographic weapon sight uses laser light to illuminate a holographic reticle embedded in the head-up display window to form a virtual reticle image.

Turn off the viewfinder four or eight hours after the last button press. This also applies if the viewfinder is damaged or partially blocked by an obstacle. The laser diode in a holographic sight consumes more power and more complex control electronics than a standard LED of equal brightness, which reduces the operating time of a holographic sight with a set of batteries compared to the red dot of the sight [7] ] (A typical holographic sight takes about 600 hours, and a red dot sight sometimes takes tens of thousands of hours).

We compare budget, battery, reticle, size and weight, and field of view to easily find the perfect holographic viewfinder. In the mid-1990s, EOTech was created specifically to commercialize holographic scopes in a compact, robust and efficient design for small arms. They are more modern than the older 512 and 552, reducing the lens profile and integrating improved circuitry and features. They weigh about 11 ounces, while the EOTechs XPS2 and XPS3 models are 9 ounces and the lightest are 9 ounces.

We review our favorite 3x magnifiers for under $ 200, but the EOTechs are in a class of their own with clarity and latch. My entry-level pick if you’re looking to enter the world of holographic gun scopes is also EOTechs bestseller … Model 512 ($ 376). Compatible with EOTech HHS I EXPS3-4 with G33 $ 1200- $ 1400 NV, G33 magnifier included for long range view, side mount. Overall, the Vortex AMG UH-1 Gen II is the best holographic viewfinder and competes with EOTech.



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