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Sig Sauer M400 Switchblade 5.56 Nato Ar-15 Pistol

SIG SAUER M400 SWITCHBLADE pistol in shotgun caliber with aluminum frame, Cerakote Titanium Elite finish, Magpul BSL telescopic reinforcement, 11.5 ” tapered forged carbon steel barrel for easy silencer installation with flame arrester, three spikes and floating rigid forend with additional M- bar LOK ™, which is installed with a locking system and is designed to prevent deviations from additional weight when installing accessories. The lower receiver of the SIG M400 Switchblade is equipped with a bi-directional control, a double forend clip and a matching level. Flat blade trigger. Equipped with an 11.5mm barrel and Magpul BSL bail for maximum performance and control, it also features full circumference control, a dual-grip forend lock, Match Grade flat blade trigger and a Cerakote titanium coating.

An MSRP for the Sig M400 Switchblade has not been announced, but expect to pay more than a Tread Rifle rifle or pistol due to the inclusion of out-of-the-box updates. SIG Sauer has just announced the release of its newest M400 Switchblade shotgun pistol.

Dual controls, a premium Matchlite Duo two-stage trigger and an 11.5-inch cold-forged tapered barrel make this pistol sporty, and the modular M-Lok M400 Pro free-float forend. for their performance, cost and features, and the M400 Switchblade is ready for full control with both hands. The M400 Switchblade is a rifle-caliber AR pistol with multiple symmetrical controls, a Matchlite Duo two-stage trigger, M-LOK floating forend and the new Magpul BSL adjustable in length.

While the rifle has a white stainless steel barrel, the pistol has a black nitride coated carbon steel barrel. The pistol offers fully bi-directional control including bolt latch, reload handle and selector switch, has a 2-stage Matchlite Duo trigger and is ready for optics. The SIG M400 TREAD pistol is a direct-action AR-15 with an 11.5-inch barrel and gas system along the carabiner.

The M400 Switchblade comes with a 30-round polymer magazine (where available) and features a SIG polymer pistol grip, which has a more upright position for less time firing. Complete ambivalence, competitive upgrades and high-quality construction make the Sig M400 Switchblade one of the most attractive AR guns on the market today. Switchblade furniture is also updated from the M400 pedal pistol. Demand for the new SIG SAUER M400 pistol has fallen by 18 in the past 12 months.

The Switchblade also features an 11.5″ barrel in a compact size and the new BSL Magpuls mount for optimal performance and control. SIG equips TREAD rifles and pistols with what everyone wrongly calls two-way control.

The characteristics of the M400 Switchblades combined with the beautiful Titanium Cerakote finish make it another winning combination. Now their family of shotgun pistols has grown by one with the announcement of the new Switchblade model.

I’ve done a lot of testing on short-barreled ARs and my favorite barrel length on SBR / AR pistols in .223 / 5.56 is 11.5 inches, like the TREAD pistol. Xtreme Guns and Ammo offers a complete line of Sig rifles, pistols and accessories at the best price. Many shotgun companies are competing to offer the best AR pistols possible, and the SIG TREAD multi-function pistol is one of a kind and reliable.

The SIGPM400 Elite PSB pistol is chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO with an 11.5 ” (29cm) barrel and a .300 AAC Blackout with a 9 ” (23cm) barrel. Last year, SIG Sauer unveiled a TREAD version of its M400 AR-15, and anyone looking at industry trends could have foreseen its next move. Enter the SIG M400 TREAD, which has proven to be a very successful addition to the AR SIG range.

If the barrel is shorter than this, your speed drops sharply. The 10.25-inch forend is a new development from SIG, owner of TREAD. The TREAD pistol has oversized, double-sided controls for ease of use by both right-handers and left-handers.

The pistol is really symmetrical, designed for heavy use and sporting events. Today, SIG SAUER stands for industry-leading quality and innovation that has made it the brand of choice for the US military, the global defense community, law enforcement, professional shooters, hunters and responsible citizens. From long-range sniper rifles to shotguns, competition and self-defense, AR can do it all. The M400 is based on customer feedback on what people in the real world want in a 5.56 carbine.

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