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Sons Of Liberty Gun Works M4-Exo2 5.56 Ar Pistol – Sba3

The SOLGW M4-EXO2 Pistol is a great entry-level full-blown AR-15 pistol with all the features you need for a reliable DIY gun built for the job. This AR pistol goes through a rigorous inspection and testing process to ensure that the pistol you receive will be reliable for years to come. The government profile barrel and gas system are protected by an EXO2 forend with free float and an M-LOK slot for full customization potential. Reliable homemade carabiner built for service. We believe in properly tuned weapons using the right throttle length and quality buffer components like our Liberty Fighting trigger and Sprinco Buffer tactical springs.

Constructed from the same high quality components that have earned the Sons of Liberty a reputation as a weapon that will never stop working, you can’t beat it at this price point. The M4-EXO2 is a brand new entry-level air rifle from Sons of Liberty with excellent performance.

SOLGW manufactures a wide range of products that we supply here for Interstate Guns, including barrels and other accessories, as well as M4 rifles and accessories. They began producing special weapons for both law enforcement and civilians, and were praised for the attention to detail that makes AR reliable. This augmented reality pistol goes through a rigorous inspection and testing process to ensure that the weapon you receive is reliable for years to come. We’ve made them as accessible as possible for people looking for a reliable shotgun on a budget.

The same basic process described above applies to Class 3 weapons; such as silencers, shotguns / handguns and portable machine guns. These shotguns also only have a mil spec buffer system with an H buffer, but this is still a high quality Sprinco spring.

However, what most people do is take the Liberty series, then update what they want, and that kind of morphs into the Patriot series … but on purpose.

These patrol pistols are designed to work without compromising product integrity. Make sure your gun has the specs you want, such as caliber, magazine capacity, finish, barrel length, etc. They come with good rails…most of them have the VLTOR A5 system, one of the most legit upgrade carbines ever made. Or you can try to overload the gun and make it work… But you will have other problems.

It also features 45-degree M-LOK slots in the front for additional lighting and accessory mounting options. The M4-EXO2 is our brand new entry-level rifle with excellent performance.

Thus, for us it was a way to transfer our “engine” – the barrel bolt, the buffer system – into the hands of people without overpaying for some of the “luxurious” items that come with the weapon … updated reloading handles and some floating rail options, and so on like that. So if one just wants to buy a pre-designed pistol, that’s what the Patriot pistol series is for.

What it is made of and how it is attached to the weapon is still very durable. Fortunately, though, we’re still trying to make this site better for law-abiding Americans and worse for illegal Americans. The six-slot 1/7 rpm is best for a large excess of 62-grain 5.56 NATO ammo.



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