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Geissele Automatics Gun Parts Ar-15

This mil spec quality kit features an improved safety latch and a specially designed safety lock that provides the end user with satisfactory and positive tactile feedback when activating a safe or fire position. The lower kit is a Geissele Ultra Duty with an ergonomically improved two-way selector and trigger guard. Its derailleur is a Geissele SSA-E X with a signature Lighting Bow trigger. Buckle is a quick release mount for SureFire silencers * Unique Geissele SSA-E X trigger housed within an oversized trigger guard for easier access using a shot blasting process * The large reload handle allows the rifle to be loaded with both hands, and the serrated levers provide an additional purchase.

The Geissele Reaction Block for AR-15 is designed to hold the Mil-Spec Buffer Tube during bottom receiver assembly. Let them take the frustration of juggling the receiver in your hands, assemble your next build with the safety provided by the Geissele reaction box.

Once you get your hands on a Geissele trigger like this, you will definitely want to use it in every weapon you own. I have had several Geissele triggers and each one works exactly as advertised. I have been using Geissele triggers for a long time and they have always had a special meaning to me.

Geissele has long been known in the firearms industry for creating quality products for your firearms. Speaking of Geissele … they are best known for their triggers, muzzles and handguards, but they make everything from ready-made rifles to kits. It’s precision crafted with all the craftsmanship and precision you’d expect from a Geissele, and the price isn’t bad for such a beautiful set. The company notes that you will also need to purchase a Geissele barrel wrench for proper installation.

Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) -05-160 Trigger Built on the Geissele SSA frame, the enhanced Super Semi-Automatic (SSA-E) provides improved trigger control and accuracy while maintaining battle-proven durability and reliability two-stage primer. The reduced thrust of the SSA-E first and second stage results in a smooth and light winding of the first stage and a clear, candy-like second stage break. The SSA’s two-stage design makes the trigger light enough for accurate and precise shots, yet gentle enough for the CQB. This Super Semi-Automatic (SSA) trigger combines the outstanding performance with the safety, reliability and stability that two-stage triggers are known for.

This trigger is especially recommended for triple gun shooting and competition where speed is everything. Please note that our triggers are for AR15 / M4 rifles with mil specification.

The item is available for immediate delivery or pickup from our retail store. This item is currently out of stock but can be ordered prepaid. Please check the item by reading the full description before purchasing.

The rifle version includes a URG-I lower upper receiver of its own production and is equipped with a Geissele Super Select Fire X trigger (converted to semi-automatic) from the Maritime Bolt Catch company and a SOPMOD B5 Systems stock. This rifle consists of an M4E1 lower receiver, an improved M4E1 upper receiver and an improved M-LOK 15-inch forend. This kit has everything to complete the lower receiver except for the trigger and trigger.

Up to 22% off Geissele AR15 parts is just one reason to buy on Opticsplanet.com. Designed with legendary Geissele quality, AR15 parts deliver the superior performance you expect. Geissele dominates the national sports arena and is the preferred component manufacturer for rifle competitors.

For those looking to buy a complete shotgun, Geissele also offers the Super Duty URG-I shotgun. The URG-I Super Duty Rifle costs about $ 1,800 directly from Geissele.

The Geissele Super Duty Rifle, the high-profile rifle in the AR-15 world, is practically a clone of the rifle the company produces for the US Army Special Operations Command. This interchangeability of military and civilian firearms means that weapon manufacturers like Geissele and Daniel Defense can easily produce parts for army rifles. The model AR-15 rifle, including the M-16A2, the M4A1 carbine, and the civilian AR-15, have almost all the key parts.

Let’s take a look at each of these parts of the Special Agent line and see how the company describes them. As the name suggests, the parts and accessories included in this line are exactly the same as those of the FBI. Geissele Automatics, first established in 2004 as a manufacturer of triggers for the AR15 rifle, has since expanded its AR15 product line to include AR15 reload grips, MK4 M-LOK forend and AR15 Mil-Spec lower sets. Today Geissele Automatics specializes in AR15 triggers and forend.

The first product Bill Geissel produced was an improved trigger for the AR-15. Geissele Automatics researched Mil-Spec AR-15 triggers and found that long, hard, hard pulls on the trigger were not conducive to accurate shooting. Personally, I would recommend putting your favorite grip in there and pairing it with a matching Geissele SSA-E trigger or some other equally fantastic Geissele offering. The Bakelite dyed AR, which I often see in my articles, also has a Geissele buffer, spring and trigger.

The My Service Rifle match shotgun boasts several large “G” parts, including the forend and bumper springs. This is paired with a Geissele Super Duty treated upper, and a notable detail of the fit is that Geissele uses a center alignment system to prevent forend torque.

Of course, to turn that bottom into the start of a shotgun (or whatever you can slap along with an already existing top group) … you’ll need a set of bottom parts. The Brownells MOE AR-15 Bottom Kit actually comes with a buffer assembly, Magpul MOE stock and grip, and a Geissele trigger, which is why it’s so expensive compared to others. It is important to know in advance which parts are not included in your kit. You should be aware that in almost all kits you will find missing parts.

Of course, a spring is a spring, but an improved trigger, shock, grip and stock can really improve the performance of your shotgun significantly. The AR15 discount offers the widely popular and best-selling Geissele Super Dynamic 3 GUN (SD-3G) trigger at a discounted price. It is recommended for demanding applications such as law enforcement, close range combat (CQB) and medium range rifle use.

Packaged with a $ 59 Geissele Super Low Profile Gas Block, the Geissele Super Modular Federal Rail is not only feature rich, it also has value. The Geissele 2 Stage (G2S) has been designed as an affordable, high quality version of the Super Semi-Automatic (SSA) trigger. The G2S, or Geissele 2-Stage, is an excellent base Geissele product.



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