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Triarc Systems Tsr-15S Ar-15 5.56 Pistol With Sba3 Brace


The TRIARC Systems TSR-15S pistol includes a 10.5-inch barrel with an SBA3 strut to give you extra control without requiring a $ 200 NFA tax stamp. quality cartridges. TRIARC Systems shotguns have earned a reputation for quality and reliability in the weapons community, and the TSR-15S featured in this draw includes premium components and accessories to ensure high performance in any application. The Zion features a pair of Mil-spec forged upper and lower air tanks that complement the mid-length throttle body. Accommodates our TRACK 2.0 barrel and has a hand forged top and bottom receiver with a laser mils serial number.

The adjustable brace SB Tactical SBA3 acts as a weapon stabilization device. This package includes the best components and accessories from the likes of Modlite Systems, Arisaka Defense, Magpul, and Primary Arms Optics. AR-15 carbine, 1/8 rifled barrel, Troy AR-15 forend on the deer lower grip. SKS 7.62×39 Semi Auto Arsenal 26 I sell the Chinese semi-automatic shotgun Jianshe Arsenal 26 SKS 7.62×39.


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