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AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and Pistols

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Airsoft AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and Pistols

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Strike Industries Gun Parts

The aluminum clip does not wear out your receiver as quickly as other steel clips. Get a discount on the Strike Industries AR15 Charging Grip and many more AR15 components and accessories at a discount AR15.

Since 2011, Strike Industries has been producing quality AR15 parts and accessories for firearms enthusiasts. Many fans who make and customize firearms can’t get enough of Strike Industries’ products due to the sheer number of products on offer, from pins and screws to rail systems and even barrels. The lowest price for a firearm accessory, as well as eye-catching colors and designs, appeal to Speedsoft players who build their guns to grab attention, not just to push their limits.

No matter what parts or accessories you are looking for, Strike Industries has a great selection of affordable and stylish components that will not only enhance the performance of your rifles, but also enhance their appearance. However, if you are the type of person who loves to improve everything you own, we also provide updated Strike Industries weapon parts to help you get the most out of your favorite weapon. At Wing Tactical, we supply the AR Strike Industries parts and other components you need to fully enjoy your firearms and shooting experience. This selection includes popular items such as the Viper Stock, Charge Grip, Dust Cover, Front Grip, Forward Drive Assist and more.

Founded in 2011, Strike Industries is a firearms accessories company made up of avid AR15 rifle and pistol shooters. ARBuildJunkie recently met with Joshua Reed, an external sales / LE and military expert at Strike Industries, to discuss the company, some of its most popular articles, and what he says is the state of the industry. The company owes its success since 2011 to loyal customers and end users and continues to provide high quality products at an affordable price to this day.

Because these products are designed for shooters, you can be sure that they will perform at the highest level in the field. To meet Strike Industries’ ongoing consumer demand to manufacture and sell off-the-shelf rifles from their meticulously engineered custom parts, Strike has partnered with Rifle Supply to achieve this goal. Strikes Sentinel AR-15 rifles and pistols were the first mass-produced complete firearms they sold. They will be available in 3 versions: Sentinel Elite AR Rifle, Sentinel AR Rifle and Sentinel AR Pistol.

They are known for their vibrant detail and out-of-the-box thinking that brings many innovations to the process of creating and customizing firearms. They are not ready for production yet, but they give an idea of ​​what comes next. One such product was Strike Switch, and now that it’s shipped, they’ve been kind enough to send a couple off for review.

I started with their blue Strike Rail 17 and blue extended latch charging handle. Everything I bought from them sold pretty well before Christmas at Primary Arms (about 30% off) and the rail was a flaw so it was very cheap because it had a little scratch on it.

This was the product we wanted for our weapon, but we wanted something that didn’t cost us $ 100 a shot. Simply put, we would not design and manufacture a product that we personally would not use in the field. However, you can make a product that works great that looks messy and unnecessary. You can make a product that works well and looks great, but it costs a million dollars and no one can buy it.

Because you can make a product that looks good, but it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t function. Let’s face it, if we had a weapon that we liked the way you look, we’d shoot it more on the range and use it more often because you’re proud of this gun. We need the excitement of being able to master a skill, and that’s a gun… it’s just a skill, it’s just a tool. It’s great for people like me because we work hard and we’re just nerds.

I could go on and on and on and on with all the weapons I want to make details for, and that got me excited. Because the AR15 platform is so versatile, there are an almost infinite number of options and designs that can be implemented. For those receiving a lot of praise today, the J-Comp is great and is a very flat firing pistol.

It looks like Strike uploaded it with a complete catalog of parts and improved parts and accessories, including a 15.5-inch forend, compensator, extended reload grip, safety disc, workpiece trigger guard, bolt latch, and so on. The interchangeable Strikes forend is made of aluminum and allows you to easily attach accessories such as flashlights, lasers or seat belt anchorages. Like many other companies, Strike also comes into play with optics.

The Strike Switch has a MSRP of $ 65.95 for the black version tested and $ 69.95 for the gray, red, and blue anodized colors. Strike ARP offers an uncompromising multi-functional gimbal at an affordable price. Compatible with most Strike Industries muzzle brakes and compensators, as well as Ferfrans muzzle brakes, the Oppressor splash shield quickly mounts over your favorite brake and compass to tame a side shot and redirect it down from the shooter.

Strike makes you look more solid as it includes the hex wrench needed to install the fuse right in the box. If you need parts to build this shiny new AR underbody you just received, check out our Bottom Piece Kit (No Trigger Assembly).

Even if you don’t want to change the color of your AR, you can still get it in base black. But one more thing you can do is change the look of your black shotgun so that it doesn’t look so evil.

However … Lately, I think I have seen a downturn in the industry, and I think that consumers are becoming very quality conscious. I was very surprised to find that I had not fallen in love with the Strike product, for a change. The installation was very simple and only took me a couple of minutes at the shooting range.

Ergonomic design with finger rest and straight forefinger for trigger. All airsoft guns must have a barrel end (1/4 inch) permanently painted in a fiery orange color.



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