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Holosun Red Dot Sights

Overall it is the same as MRO with new technology and is made of titanium (~ 35% stronger than 7075 T6 aluminum). Magnified lens: 1X30mm is the largest lens in a high quality reflex sight, while MRO is 1X25mm. High quality optics for clear target images and crisp reticle. Auto / manual mode, multiple grid, customizable according to your needs. Click here to get the best price Holosun Closed Emitter is best for HE509T-RD Pistol Some weapons may require a Closed Emitter.

Whether it’s the environment or the shooter’s preference, the Holosun 509T is quality optics that meet the highest standards. Let’s discuss a few details when it comes to optics for Holosun pistols. You may need an adapter with any of the viewfinders; you should consult Holosun directly for your specific installation situation.

Various reticle options – switch from 2 MOA center points to 65 MOA reticle rings with center points for the same Aimpoint base area – using the same mount means all Aimpoint Micro mount accessories can be used with the 503GU without the need to purchase Special installation. Aftermarket Mounts Holosuns Optics combine the look and feel of Aimpoint and Trijicon products, meaning most optics can be used with mounts made for Aimpoint Pro, Aimpoint Comp, Trijicon RMR and Trijicon MRO. Holosun AEMS uses a new patented stand designed for AR heights.

Holosun has recently started offering the so-called Elite series, denoted by the letters HE in the optical model. When choosing a reflex red dot reflex sight for your pistol, I think there are two things to consider about the Elite series.

The mirrors can be opened like the Holosun Reflex X2 MRS (using a single glass plane) or tubular like the Sig Romeo MSR. Whether you’re armed with an AR-15 or other shotgun, or a pistol like a Sig Sauer, throwing a red dot (also known as a reflex sight) allows you to shoot and reach your target faster. Since head position doesn’t matter, the red dot also improves post-trigger comfort, making your day at the range more enjoyable.

Most mirrors are designed with infinite visual relief, which means you’ll have an accurate aiming point regardless of viewing angle or distance from the target. With our reflex sights, you get military-grade quality without compromise at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. We’ve tested these scopes for overall quality, battery life, and durability, and they’re an absolute bargain.

Holosun recently sent me three models of their micro-optical scopes, and although they all have the same bodies and control sets, they all have a different color of dots. Devices shipped for a small test interval included the HS403B with a red dot, HE403C with a green dot, and HE403R with a GD Holosuns Gold Super LED dot. All are 2 MOA with a 1/3 lower second witness holder and a low profile holder. Holosun reflex sight models of the Holosun Tube series are easily recognizable by the elongated ring mount for the Picatinny rail.

The Holosun Reflex red dot has a compact design and lighter weight as they are not closed on either side like the other Holosun series models (except for the Holosun HS512T red dot and Holosun HS510C red dot). …

Some Holosun models allow the shooter to activate or deactivate certain parts of the reticle, which makes it possible to have the perfect reticle for the target. Holosun has incorporated a reticle similar to EOTech into its reflex optics. You also get three grids and can choose between a 2 MOA point, a 65 MOA circle, and a point and a circle combination.

The circle and dot form a large grid that is easy to see and trace. Vertical and drifting turrets are now as stealthy as other landmarks on the Holosun line.

AP67 The waterproof and easy-to-carry viewfinder is built for success. Built to the same high Holosun quality standards, the durable and lightweight design is ideal for everyday wear. Holosun has made compact optics in the past, but this one wins.

AEMS is a compact red point designed for long guns, just like optics like the Aimpoint Micro series. AEMS or Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight breaks the shackles of not only Holosun optics, but general optics. Unlike other optics, AEMS is not numbered, which seems to be the future of Holosun optics.

I like the 2 MOA single point, but I think this is a matter of personal preference. Holosun Gold Super LED ranks between red and green in terms of visible wavelength. The debate about green and red has certainly been going on for some time now, not only in regards to reticle and dots for optics, but also in terms of laser colors. Holosun manufactures some of the best Red Dot scopes in the industry to date, and AR15 Discounts is proud to present its extensive line of best selling Red Dot scopes.

These optics are designed with Shake Awake technology, which detects movement to turn the viewfinder on and off, and recalling the last setting ensures you don’t miss custom settings after turning off the device. All Holosun collimator sights in this series are equipped with a Quick Release (QR) Picatinny rail, and the battery is located in the same position. This open-ended (miniature) red reticle mirrored viewfinder features a switchable reticle multi-reticle system, an efficient auto-dimming solar panel, a large front lens and a durable aluminum housing. The ruggedness makes the 509T superior to any previous open emitter model. Solar Power – The solar power in the viewfinder will keep it running even after the battery runs out after 100,000 hours.

The HS507C will last up to 10 years on a single battery only at setting 6, period. In automatic mode, our solar optics will automatically switch to battery power when there is not enough light to power the grid. It controls both the automatic dimming and the supply of solar energy to the product.

While I was examining some optics at the Holosun booth, one of the company’s representatives handed me a lens for review. The window was crystal clear, the SAINT Edge capture, seeing the spot on the target and the next shots were great. My first impression of the show was that it was quite vibrant and I was thrilled to see how it actually works with gamut, especially against the actual red dots and new green dots (or gratings). And they started doing research and didn’t get a lot of feedback on their website. I tried to call their phone number and it was a google answering machine.



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