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The ATN X-Sight 4k Day-Night Digital Hunting Scope offers improved HD night vision, higher resolution and faster optics for faster imaging on the new HD display. As one of the newer riflescopes on the market, it has a very streamlined and traditional look that mimics the charm of a traditional day sight, not unlike the new ATN Thor LT thermal sight. The ATN Night Vision digital riflescope combines the best technology in a simplified design.

The ATN X-Sight 4k Pro Day / Night scope is, in our opinion, superior to other scopes offered by ATN. Its night vision mode has been improved so that visibility is the same in daylight for easier target acquisition. If you need help finding the right product, check out the manual or guide that explains the differences between night vision and thermal imager, and we also have a detailed guide to ATN Smart HD technologies. The high quality ATN X-sight pig hunting night vision rifle prioritizes quality optics.

Dubbed the brand of future night vision telescopes, ATN continues to innovate and improve the performance of its spotting scopes and instruments. If you think you might prefer a clip on your scope, you can take a look at the ATN PS28-2 clip on your night vision goggle. However, this high quality AR 15 night vision rifle scope is a great choice if you are looking for sharp images and high performance in hunting and tactical shooting.

Therefore, we know that these digital telescopes will be super functional, can be upgraded with firmware updates, and will offer the latest in digital night vision capabilities. But regardless of whether you are looking for a night vision scope mount, you may want to include this scope when comparing your choices due to its ease of use and powerful performance. The X-Sight II model still includes an attractive ballistic calculator function and recording-activated video recording. It also has other scopes characteristics of the already mentioned ATN rifles, with the exception of the One Shot Zero. If you are looking for a powerful and high quality thermal imaging riflescope, the ATN ThOR 4 may be for you.

The X-Sight LTV is such a scope and can be used for daytime shooting as well, but it won’t look out of place on your rifle in daylight. It also offers cheaper night vision telescopes than the competition, but guarantees the quality and performance of every single product it offers on the market. The quality lies in the Obsidian LT Core and the QHD + ATN (2688×1944 PX) sensor, which offers very low battery consumption, HD optics and improved night vision. Thanks to the new body design, it will look comfortable on your rifle as a day and night sight.

Choosing the perfect night vision device can be tricky, but when you have a great asset like the ATN INVC, the task becomes much easier. It has HD resolution making it one of the best for both day and night use, and also has a smart ballistic calculator and 5-20x magnification.

Our line of Nikon binoculars, scopes, scopes and accessories is backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects. ATN stands for American Technologies Network, and as the name suggests, the company designs and manufactures all optical equipment in the United States.

Another favorite feature of the ATN X-sight II HD 5-20 is the anti-blur 3D gyroscope and electronic compass. In addition, the ATN X-sight II HD riflescope has a rangefinder so the hunter can easily choose which one to shoot from. If you are looking for a reliable sight and high-tech features in one body, this might be your choice. The ATN X-Sight 4k Pro offers the best of both worlds, being able to work even when day turns to night.

This section is also great for getting a better understanding of the difference between image-enhanced night vision (which is the “normal” style with a black and green screen) and thermography, which provides a thermal image of a target. Although many NV digital oscilloscopes have digital recording, this oscilloscope brings video to life with HD optics and high definition.

If, on the other hand, you know what activity you are using your night vision for, but are not necessarily sure which type of device is best for this, you can select the second option and view the options for Security, Hunting, Camping “And” Rowing “. The technology used for thermography makes these telescopes a more versatile choice. To find all ATN products in other categories, use the convenient category filters in the lower left corner.

This thermal imaging sight has the ability to transmit its images in 3 different color modes of your choice; black-warm, white-warm, color mode. With this feature, aiming your scope has never been easier as the scope automatically adjusts after the first shot to adjust for the second.

The scope is also easy to assemble and compatible with most rifles. Our ATN optics range is backed by a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Our binoculars, spotting scopes, spotting scopes, Konus spotting scopes and accessories are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

Night Tech Our Night Tech products are backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. All our Nikko Stirling scopes are covered by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against defects. A full charge of the built-in lithium-ion battery provides power to the oscilloscope for 10 hours.

This is the guarantee that Athlon will be the best product your money can buy. Carson products are covered by a number of warranties from different manufacturers, which differ depending on the type of product. Rudolph Optics offers a full NQA Lifetime Warranty (no questions asked) on all sports optics and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all electronic accessories and rangefinders. Each product has a specific duration; lifetimes can range from 1 to 30 years.



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