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We are the leading online store for quality AR-10 and AR-15 rifles, parts and accessories. Whether you’re just repairing or upgrading your AR rifle, Combat Hunting has the high quality custom color AR-15 parts and accessories you need. Buy our unique range of the best accessories and parts for AR-15 at affordable prices from the best manufacturers. While you’re looking for the perfect gift, check out our muzzle, buttstock and grips with perfect options for everyone from professional gun users like police and military to hobby users.

From handguards designed to securely hold your firearm while aiming, to magazines that allow you to fire more shots, to harnesses that allow you to secure your firearm while using one hand to maneuver, these items are sure to make your day on the range more comfortable. , much more convenient. With the introduction of a wide range of optics, optoelectronics and tactical accessories for these weapons, the handguard has become one of the most important elements that allow you to install these additional devices on a rifle. There are three common handguard attachment interfaces and a wide range of accessories for each. The main advantage of this modular stock is its interchangeable parts, which allow you to optimally adjust any grip.

Their unique handle is a truly custom handle, but it works mechanically and can be changed instantly. The Unique-ARs team calls the ending “gallop” and they say people are always surprised that the shape of their grip looks nothing like a typical pistol grip. The custom Unique-AR handguards are great, but first I’ll show you their Unique-Grip and ROOK brake. You can also work directly with Unique-AR to create your own truly custom handguard.

Unique-AR is a Cerakote handguard in any color or anodized finish. It can take an hour to make a Unique-AR handguard on CNC machines. Unique ARs can create a solid-milled pistol in custom colors with matching magazines and your unique serial number. These complete guns are great and customization is unlimited, but Unique-AR also makes some accessories that anyone can use and the prices are very affordable.

Their products are used in firearms and airsoft rifles in several countries and include a range of series items as well as custom designs. Unique-ARs manufactures custom handguards for shooters around the world who want to add an exclusive accessory to their rifles. Unique-ARs manufactures designer handguards for the AR-15 platform that combine quality, form and function. This modular stock is an affordable accessory for the AR-15 that most users love for its ability to fit a variety of handguards.

There are many interchangeable parts and custom AR-15 components that you can use to tailor the AR-15 to your unique needs and desires, making it extremely versatile. I can’t think of any other rifle that can match the versatility of the AR-15 rifle.

Whether you’re building a stationary shotgun or just want to customize your existing shotgun to your liking, we’ve got you covered. At Wing Tactical we have a range of components at various prices and different rifle parts that will keep your loved ones entertained and ensure you never run out of ideas for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions. The goal of Wing Tactical by Wing Tactical is to give each gun owner a personal advantage by allowing them to customize their AR-15 rifles from top to bottom. SD Tactical Arms’ mission is to provide high-quality custom weapons that inspire pride in their owners.

At Delta Team Tactical, we don’t want you to buy “just another AR version.” Rail Scales offers accessories for the AR 15 that allow you to create or customize your rifle in unique ways to suit your needs. The same goes for your AR and accessories you choose to add to your rifle. A quality augmented reality accessory can make a huge difference when it comes to accuracy and stability.

There are many interchangeable parts and many configurations available to make the perfect pistol for the job. Users can attach some mil-spec rails to accessory mounting slots, making the assembly fully modular. The word “furniture” on the AR-15 refers to the pistol grip, stock and handguard. Magpul and Hogue are two manufacturers that produce complete sets of high-quality AR-15 furniture and sell individual components.

When you choose Wing Tactical for your AR-15 gift components, you can choose from countless customizable parts such as grips, reload grips, compensators, trigger guards, magazines and more. If I had to make an AR wish list, it would include their unique grip, ROOK brake, and slim 15 handguard with a fantastic design, which my daughter probably helped me with. Their Unique-Grip fits all standard ARs and is only $65, so add them to your list for simple gifts. Unique-ARs boast that the ROOK brake reduces recoil by 60% more than a standard A2 birdcage; I can’t confirm this number, but I can say that I enjoyed using it and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

One of the reasons the AR-15 is so damn versatile is that when you buy it, it’s usually a blank canvas, ready to be customized for your unique use case. You can customize your AR-15 rifle for anything from prairie dog hunting to moose hunting. Mounting a scope on the AR-15 allows you to harness the potential of your rifle for hunting, while still allowing it to double as a defensive rifle. A popular choice for 3-pistol shooters, stepped sights allow shooters to switch between mid/long and short range targets by simply tilting the rifle.



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