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Magpul Accessories

Magpul Industries is currently one of the largest suppliers of aftermarket polymer accessories in the firearms market. Magpul Industries is an innovative US-based company that designs and manufactures gun accessories for some of the most popular military and civilian platforms. Magpul Industries Corporation is an American company that designs and manufactures technopolymer and composite firearm accessories such as M-LOK.

Magpul primarily designs, manufactures and distributes polymer magazines, accessories and gun parts for AR-15/M16/M4, AK-47/AK74, Steyr AUG and Heckler & Koch G36 rifles, as well as Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 rifles. Magpul Industries Corporation also expanded to make rifle frames for the Remington 700, Ruger 10/22 and Ruger American Rifle, as well as magazines and accessories for Glock pistols. Magpul Industries’ complete line of firearms accessories goes far beyond AR15 compatibility, offering upgrades for Glock, Remington, Ruger firearms and more. Magpul Industries also offers a versatile line of M-LOK rails and accessories that allow users to tie different stats to their weapon.

As one of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, Magpul designs high quality firearms that are ideal for all shooters. MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) is a line of firearm accessories designed to provide high quality and affordable gun parts. Magpul Industries is known for its wide range of accessories for the AR15, including Magpul Industries branded polymer (or PMAG) chargers available in a variety of capacities and models. Magpul has since expanded its line of Magpul gears and parts for the AR15 to include the Magpul B.A.D.

First unveiled to the public at the 2007 SHOT Show, the Magpul Masada started out as an evolutionary upgrade of the AR-15/M16 rifle, but the only parts that retain the same features as the standard AR-15 and M16 rifle are the barrel. , group focus control (trigger pack) and viewfinder. The Magpul PDR uses STANAG magazines and fires the same ammunition as the M16. Details of the operating system are heavily guarded, however it is believed to be a short-stroke gas piston and uses 20-round NATO Magpul PMag variants in 7.62x51mm. The prototype has been tested and is very similar to the Magpul Masada.

Remington Arms has released a way to compete with another left-handed shotgun, the Savage 110. . There were the Remington BDL and the Remington ADL in which long action and short action rifles were available. This particular rifle model featured a cylindrical receiver made up of a cylindrical bar stock.

One of the more notable Magpul accessories for the MP5 family is the grip module. The new Magpul handguard includes a polymer handguard, safety switch and grip module. The Magpul SL Wrist Guard offers improved ergonomics and features M-LOK compatible slots for rail mounting. Magpul Polymer Trigger Guard, another AR15 discount bestseller, is known for its shallow V-shape Magpul Polymer Trigger Guard for more comfortable glove use in tactical shooting or cold weather operations.

The 1913 Magpul Picatinny bipod offers some serious strength and versatility at a price that offers unbeatable value. Like all Magpul products, the bipods are made from durable, high-strength materials and are designed to last. The Magpul bipod has many useful features even in the stowed position.

From the drawing board, the Magpul bipods were designed to be barely noticed until needed. The Magpul bipod has the unique ability to lock pan down to 0 degrees while maintaining full tilt functionality. His first product was suitable for STANAG loaders and allowed operators to easily grab and remove magazines from take-up bags and straps.

Magpul Industries quickly rose to the top of the industry with products such as the PMAG 30 polymer round magazine, various rifle stocks, the Pro 700 rifle frame, the MOE pistol grip, and innovations such as the M-LOK accessory attachment system. changed the AR-15 handguard for years to come. When you buy Magpul Industries parts from Wing Tactical, you get parts designed, built and sold by gun owners for gun owners.

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It can be said that any existing weapon, traditionally made of steel and wood, becomes cleaner if it is redesigned in accordance with these principles. Magpul Core provides firearms training and video tutorials.

TFBTV is viewer supported and does not charge for positive product reviews. Published by millions of the United States and its allies since 2007, PMAG is the magazine of choice for those who defend freedom and democracy around the world…Now that Colorado residents can buy new magazines at peril capacity standards, Magpul Industries Corporation is working to to provide as many good people from Colorado as possible. The SGA stock is an adjustable stock for Remington 870 and Mossberg M500 or M590 rifles.



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