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S&W M&P15 Sport Ii Or Ar-15 5.56 Nato Rifle With Ct Red Dot

Smith & Wesson recently announced a matchup between the companys popular M&P15 Sport II or Rifle and a Crimson Trace CTS-103. Lightweight but tough, the Smith & Wesson M & P(r)15 Sport II 5.56 rifle with Crimson Trace optics brings together function and form for a versatile, precision-driven MSR. A rugged rifle ready for range duty right out of the box, this M & P15 Sport II comes packaged with the Crimson Trace Red and Green Dot sights.

Up next is the Smith & Wesson M & P Sport II…one of our favorite recommendations for an entry-level AR-15. If you are looking for a well-made, well-featured, rugged rifle that leaves you with plenty of money left over for lots of ammunition and a sling — the M & P Sport II is definitely the rifle to consider.

There are other variations too, including foregrips, bags, and more…but we love this one because it comes with a red dot. A flattop receiver and a Picatuny gas block make this rifle ready for any optic setup, but included in the box is the Crimson Trace Red/Green Dot optic — the mount and batteries are included.

The lower and upper receivers of the rifle are made of 7075 T6 aluminum, forged entirely in-house at Smith & Wesson. The M&P15 Sports barrels also feature the rifles 5R, an innovation added to Smith following their acquisition of Thompson Center Arms.

The cylindrical bump stocks found in most other black guns are nowhere to be seen on the M & P15 Sport. An interesting decision by Smith & Wesson was to ditch the A2 front sight on this model, instead providing a flat-top gas block with Picatinny rails.

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport Rifle is not your typical AR mall-ninja, drip-dripping in rails and oozing tactical awesomeness. Built for multi-purpose performance in various conditions, the M & P15 Rifle is versatile just like M & P15 rifles are rugged.

Smith & Wesson has fed the two tested M & P15 Sport rifles a total of 170,000 rounds of various brands of ammunition, with no[visible] damages from the Melonite finish process. For its Peoples Republic of Kalifornia rounds button, the Smith & Wesson magazine-release is capable of engaging one round of.223/5.56 ammo. Considering this failure to mag-up accounts for a lot of problems that shooters have encountered with their ARs, Smith & Wesson has done well by spending a few bucks more for the standard 30 round P-mag.

Smith & Wesson did do it well, however, during review, only 1 failed extraction occurred, and it is not unreasonable to expect very inexpensive ammunition to go through an all-new rifle. I made sure by putting some little clumps of High Desert AZ powder into the rifle while Smith & Wesson folks were away. I spent the week shooting rounds at range in barren, sandy, dusty conditions — beggaring the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport to prove to me it needed dust covers.

Probably not an optic you will encounter often, Crimson Trace is a relative newcomer to the optics scene, but they do have a well-established, impressive line of laser sights. This makes the green optical dots a lot easier to pick up and use, especially if we are stressed. With either a red-dot reticle or green-dot reticle, users can choose which color and intensity of dot works best for them.

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