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Diamondback Db15 5.56 Nato Rifle With Quad Rail

DiamondbackDB15-5.56mm The DB15 is Diamondbacks first rifle, and the DB15 is built to last, with a lot of improvements in the way it performs. Diamondback Firearms DB15 5.56 NATO semi-automatic rifle is a great mid-level AR rifle for defensive, hunting, and recreation. Diamondback DB15 Semi-Auto rifle Diamondback DB15 semi-auto rifle — The Diamondback DB15 features an A2-style action, it also features an A2 flash hider muzzle device that is designed to reduce muzzle flash.

The Diamondback DB15 rifle series is available in several DIFFERENT finishes today, including a Diamond Series that features the unique low-profile receiver design from Diamondback. The Diamond series DB15 is Diamondbacks premium series, including upgraded triggers, furniture, nice hard cases, and included sights. From the modified Diamondback Aluminum quad-rail handguard, to a wide range of colors, sights, and buttstock options, the DB15 represents value and versatility, all at a very affordable price.

The Diamondback DB15 Series features upgraded MagPul furniture throughout, providing a consistent hold and control across multiple shooting positions in any setting. The build is completed with a regulated MOE Carbine Stock, MOE Grip, and a 12-inch M-LOK Handguard Rail.

The monolith is ventilated, which helps keep the barrel cool, and is easy to grip since there are no rails running down its sides or underside. At the front of the handguard, in positions 3, 6, and 9 of the clock, are 2 inch rails on which accessories such as foregrips, bipods, or lights can be mounted — a common requirement in law enforcement. The other three integrated rails in the four-rail accessory system are 2.25 inches long, and are located on the muzzle end of the handguard. The three lower rails are long enough for some accessories while still leaving a lot of smooth, hands-friendly room to grip the rifle with your supporting hands.

The Picatinny rails on the upper receiver cleanly interface with milled-in full-length upper rails on the proprietary 8.75-inch Diamondback aluminum monolithic handguard that stretches across the gas block. The receiver is mounted on a one-piece, black-anodized aluminum handguard, with Picatinny rail running down the top, making optics or accessories such as lasers–for those agencies that employ them–or laser front sights, a one-piece optic. The DB15 sports a T-marked Picatinny rail on the flattop receiver of the DB15, which is machined of forged 7075-T6 aluminum and is beautifully anodized. The upper rail accommodates Red Dot, iron sights, or optical sights, so you do not need the typical front A2 sights.

The top and bottom receivers are compatible with standard Mil-Spec plays, a relief considering Diamondback-Customs custom Diamond bottom. Diamondback logos are placed on both sides of the magazine well, and a marking on the right indicates that lower receivers are multi-caliber.

The improvements that Diamondback has made compared to mil-spec include a larger triggerguard, which does not rub the knuckles of your shooting hand. On a variable-stock rifle such as this one, that means you can tune your stock down short without it choking up the arm.

The aluminium handguard is slightly heavier than some, but it is not terribly noticeable once you get the rifle over your shoulder. I found that the DB15 allowed me to get my sights up fast, and because the handguard is round in shape, the handguard was easy to hold.

Diamondback Firearms LLC deserves a pat on the back for not covering every single square inch of the aluminum handguard with Picatinny rails. Diamondback Firearms LLC has also chosen to provide a product that is made completely in the USA, using components fabricated at their own CNC facilities.

In becoming a manufacturing company for AR-15s, Diamondback decided to introduce its DB15 line using a system that had been tried and tested by the US military, the Gas Impingement System. Starting with a tried and tested, proven by the U.S. military, gas-impingement system, and using only the highest-quality components, machining is done at Diamondbacks CNC facilities. Now, the company manufactures the DB15, a AR-15-style carbine that uses a conventional gas-impingement system. In its early days, Diamondback Firearms LLC, Diamondback made a splash on the highly competitive AR-15 market when it released the DB15 line back in 2012, and the timing could not be better.

The Diamondback DB15 series is a tried-and-true rifle series chambered for either.223 Remington or 5.56mm NATO, and is known to underrate performance while outperforming it. Prior to their AR-10 overhaul, and ever since, Diamondback has been churning out quality rifles for incredibly reasonable prices. First, people should know what they are getting for $1,000, and second, this rifle is dullly reliable and as accurate as the Diamondback I reviewed four years before.

It is doubtful that a lot of civilian shooters should really care, but the Diamondback was the rifle I would have been patrolling with. You can purchase the complete rifle package, which has all of the parts needed to make a rifle, except for a lower receiver. You should be able to purchase the Complete Rifle Parts Kit by Money Order or by purchasing Prepaid Visa cards for ordering.

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In the event a firearm is shipped to a State where firearms are illegal, a 15% return shipment fee will be charged to the Customer. Once the shipment is accepted, the gun is considered used and should be returned directly to the manufacturer for repair or a replacement under the manufacturers warranty.



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