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Unique-Ars Molonlabe-15 .223 Wylde Semi-Auto Rifle 16″ Barrel 30 Rounds Optic Ready Mil-Spec 6-Position Polymer Stock Black F


The skinny carbines lugs and 30-round pre-2000 Colts, pinned down M4 stocks by Bushmaster, tri-delta brakes by Tactical, and Hammerhead grips by Exile Machine. PRS GEN3 is designed for a semi-automatic precision rifle or small arms, and mounts to a rifle-length receiver extender, and to both Mil-Spec and A5-length carbine-length receiver extenders. The new-generation PRS (Precision Rifle/Sniper) stocks feature aluminum slat-slats, which simplify adjustment of draw length and cheekpiece height. With four total length-of-pull positions, you can tailor your rifle to different scenarios and maximize comfort.

You will need to be fairly tiny for this to comfortably pull with a No. Junkie is more than 6-feet tall and has really long arms, so I have to shoot mine at the number-one position all the time, or else I cannot comfortably carry my rifle. I normally carry my carbines for first position anyways so aside from RRA pin stocks, this feels like any other rifle I have. It is never going to be a precision long-range rifle, particularly when shooting the 7N6, but at 6lbs6oz (it is 6lbs flatter when using Magpul grip/stock) it is a joy to transport.

It does not seem to compromise on the comfort aspect at all coming from a MOE rifle buttstock with Hammerhead grip. From what MrPlink has read, leaving out the stock part of the FRS would make this a very dubious handgun grip. I cannot really advise on that, except to say my MFT Minimalist requires carbine-length recoil buffers and tubes, which might be considerations in a rifle-length system. Thordo Junkie wants to give Primary Arms Ambi a chance, but Im not sure how I feel about using a polymer in such an important part of a rifle.

The AR Podium is a polymer bipod that is attached to the magazine well of an AR rifle and pistol grip, to create a handguard to be used while shooting through barriers, and to fold the legs of the bipod when shooting prone. The new WedgeLok rail covers by M-LOK by Ergo are designed to accommodate M-LOK slots in all AR handguards and offer a safe, comfortable grip. Leapers is now offering UTG PRO M-LOK handguards made in America for AR-platform rifles, which are ultra-slim to the hand and allow for the barrel of an AR to be freely floating. The top-and-bottom-receiver design allows shooters to swap out barrels, stocks, handguards, grips, triggers–you name it, it can be done.

The Maxim CQB stock uses JPs exclusive, shaved-down silent catch spring, which allows for use of a custom bolt carrier group, and breaks the rifle up just like a normal one.


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