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Black Rain Ordnance Spec15 5.56 Nato Ar-15 Rifle Green

Easily the best-rated firearm, this semi-automatic.. Black Rain Spec15 rifles – The Black Rain Ordnance Spec Series is a series of AR15 rifles and handguns built to fulfill contract requirements for law enforcement agencies and the military, as well as being a cost-effective civilian alternative. Easily a top-notch gun, this semi-automatic rifle… Black Blue Bronze Camo Gray Green Red Tan Two-tone Stock Adjustable Collapsible AR-15 Rifles 29 Items Black Rain Clear All 15 Black Rain Ordnance Patriot AR-15 5.56 NATO Gadsden Flag 0.0 $1,361.60 Black Rain Ordnance Patriot AR-15 5.56 NATO Betsy Ross Flag 0.0 $1,361.602 Model Black Rain Ordnance AR-15 Milled Upper Receiver (1) As low as (save up to 26%) $255.95 Free 2 day shipping.

The Spec-15+ Limited Edition Carbine is a BRO-PG11-18FDE, which stands for Black Rain Ordnance – Production Gun 11 – with an 18-inch (457.2 mm) barrel and the entire rifle in Flat Dark Earth. The weight of the rifle, without any sights and empty, is 7 pounds, 10 ounces (3.5 kg). I got a chance to personally view a Spec-15+ Limited Edition Carbine at The Great Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.. A BRO at $2,200, or Knights Armament SR-15 for $1,900. The SPEC15 Carbine uses the Direct Impingement Gas System, has an unadjustable gas block, and has a salt-bath BCG.

I chose a NXS Nightforce scope in the 5.5-22x56mm scope size, which has a MOAR reticle pattern, to match up to the 5.56x45mm NATO caliber rifle for the precision part of our testing and evaluation. The lower receiver on the BRO-PG11-18FDE is marked full-auto with three International Bullet Marks, though it is a semi-auto-only rifle. The controls in the 5.562x45mm NATO rifle are identical in type and placement to the controls found in the military rifle M16 series.

As such, when reviewing AR-type rifles with caliber 5.56x45mm NATO, we nearly always choose two sights, one for practical tactical applications, and the other for testing a rifles precision potential. It is not possible to ascertain a caliber 5.56x45mm NATO rifles true precision potential at such a low magnification.

The features included in this rifle provide the rifle greater precision, a greater life, and unlimited customization. AR-15s are among the easiest rifles to modify and customise, and this rifle is an example of this. This rifle is available in either 5.56 NATO or 300 AAC Blackout, and it weighs 7lbs, 4ounces. The Spec-15+ Lightweight Limited Edition fast-handling carbines, made by Black Rain Ordnance, offer the agility needed to engage targets in close quarters with speed.

This Black Rain AR features a Spec15-forged receiver with a 15-hybrid handguard, an OD Green Cerakote finish, an MFT Minimalist Stock, and polymer grip. The 12-gauge and upper receivers as well as lower receivers are finished in Bazooka Green Cerakote(r), while the bolt carrier group and Mil-Spec trigger are finished in salt-bath resistant, nitride.

Black nitride is baked into the pores of the metal, making it highly corrosion-resistant and exceptionally durable. The chrome moly barrel is made from.4150 chrome moly steel, making it extremely hard, giving it great corrosion resistance.

The Bolt Carrier Group is like a car engine, so the better quality the Bolt Carrier Group is, the longer the lifespan this rifle will have, and the better the performance. Its rail is machined out of billet 6061 T6 solid aluminum alloy, it has a Type III Hard Coated Anodized Matt Black MilSpec Finish, it has adjustable tension for your rifles rail, and provides 1/2 MOA zero repeatability. We installed the BUIS (Back Up Iron Sight) by Precision Reflex, Inc. They have their rail mounts, front up flip-up sight, and back up rear sight all in dark earth as well, but we chose to install the standard black versions just for contrast purposes on those rifles 12 oz. MIL-STD-1913 12-gauge rail interface.

Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 15 Urban Battle Airsoft Rifle (black Amend 2 Made in USA Definitely not a cheap ugly Magpul rip off (oh fuck it looks like black rain ordnance fallout 15 has bro mags custom made by amendment 2, that is just a joke) They chose to use their rail space to put their fucking name on it again instead of giving it. Black rain ordnance Spec-15 semi-auto AR-15 rifle 16 barrel.223/5.56 30rds-Cerakote green finish-SPEC15-BZG Out of Stock View detailsA>> View detailsA>> Out of Stock… Choose from the following the typical components for the vulcan.

Chamber flags are excellent safety tools as they provide a visual indication of a chamber being empty. All of the firearms and accessories listed on this site are NEW IN THE BOX from the factory, complete with factory-included parts, accessories, literature, packaging, etc. To save you some time, we usually use stock photos of the products listed. This website will happily return your firearm at our cost, and give you the option to either get a replacement, or get your money back.

In the event the firearm is shipped to a state where firearms are illegal, a 15% return shipment charge will be charged to the buyer. Once the shipment is accepted, the gun is considered used and should be returned directly to the manufacturer for repair or a replacement under the manufacturers warranty.

To go from unknown manufacturer to being the featured gun on Dirtas lowest-priced catalogue for under four years is. Fortunately, in spite of that, we are working to make this a much better website for law-abiding Americans, and much worse one for non-law-abiding Americans.



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