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Drd Crd-15 Ar-15 Semi Auto Rifle 5.56 Nato 16″ Barrel 30 Rounds Drd Qd 13″ Free Float Hand Guard Magpul Moe Stock Ergo Pistol

With the Daniel Defense new Mil-Spec+ DD5V1 build, impressive features, and astounding performance, this rifle is an absolute must-have for any tactical rifle enthusiasts collection. If either one of those fits your needs for a rifle in AR, then certainly check out this intriguing DRD Tactical offering. While DRD Tactical is a relatively new company, the folks behind it have extensive experience in providing weapons for the Special Forces market.

Well, this is a DRD Tactical-made AR15 in an extremely compact package, which takes the drop on the barrel, not only on the DRD Tactical upper receiver. The CDR-15 by DRD Tactical is a takedown model that can be broken down in seconds and fits into a compact case or sling. One features a six-position magpul MOE folding stock, ERGO rubberized pistol grip, a flat-top upper receiver with Picatinny rails, a loose-floating front-end rail system with atop a bar of Picatinny rails and the ability to accept Magpul L4 rail panels, and the muzzle is finished off with a A2-style muzzle flash hider.

The compactest rifle/pistol transporting unit in a short-case-size, which allows for carrying 16 Carbines, 4 Carbine magazines, a suppressor (NFA-item), Trijicon-sized sights, and an ability to accept Magpul L4 rail panels, and muzzle topped by a A2-style muzzle flash hider, with a A2-style muzzle flash hider, with an A2-style muzzle flash hider. Like the companys other rifles for dismantling, DRD Tactical designed the CDR-15 to break down quickly into its two main sub-assemblies–the barrel/handguard and the upper/lower–that easily fit in either a hard case or backpack. DRD Tacticals proprietary rapid-takedown tech allows it to be converted from a box to construction in less than 60 seconds.

Designed for fast, easy adaptation to shooting 5.56mm or.308, the companys new M.A.R.C offers the best of both worlds. The AR-556 in 5.56mm is a tremendous rifle for the price, and it brings Rugers respected brand name to the.308 AR platform. Featuring custom-level attention to detail, the MPR from Accurate Ordnance is ready for whatever tactical applications or rugged hunting that you might throw at it.

In its original military-configured form, as the M16 5.56x45mm rifle, AR-pattern rifles featured a 20-gauge barrel with fixed buttstock. Carbine variants of this design (eventually culminating with todays M4 Carbine) attempted to reduce the firearms dimensions through employing shorter gas systems and barrels, and collapsible stock systems, but AR design constraints on receiver extensions/buffer tube assemblies prevented further reductions to this design (apart from a few more exotic solutions, like fully folding stock systems, which would move either the recoil spring assembly over the barrel, or folding down the actual buffer system and rendering the AR a one-shot gun before unfolding). Wilson Combats first 7.62mm NATO rifle, the BILLet-AR, is a tank-tough design that combines strength with sub-MOA accuracy.

Tresnas JAG9F LE Tactical PTW Select-fire Rifle is designed for law enforcement agencies and military units who require a compact 9mm shotgun. Given its design and its primary mission as a precision rifle, accuracy of the DRD Tactical Paratus is the biggest consideration, and it delivers.

Police had previously released security video from the man making the purchase prior to shooting and killing him. In the video, a clerk rings the purchase – which appears to be a case of ammo – and the person leaves.



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