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AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and Pistols

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Airsoft AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and Pistols

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Rock River Arms 18″ Varmint A4 Ar15 Rifle .223 Wylde

Varmint Match Trigger – $79.95 Rock River Arms Two-Stage Varmint Match Trigger (3.5-pound version of the Varmint) This RRA two-stage national match trigger is a great trigger choice for your AR15 rifle. This rifle comes equipped with Rock River Arms National Match Two-Stage, Chrome-plated trigger, which has a parkerized, non-reflective finish on the trigger shoes. The barrel of this rifle is also fitted with a RRA-custom muzzle brake with porting for direction, which Eichel claims decreases muzzle rise and recoil. The rifles 16-inch, medium-length stainless steel barrel has been cryogenically treated for increased accuracy for shooters, as well as aiding with cleaning of the gun.

Together, its barrel and the two-stage RRA trigger provide solid accuracy of 3/4 MOA at 100 yards. The combination of the barrels weight, patented processes used in the construction of the barrel, and a medium-length gas system makes the Rock Rivers newest model. The rifle I tested was chambered in.223 Wylde, meaning that it is capable of shooting both.223 Remington and 5.56x45mm (NATO) ammo. Of course, it is chambered for 5.56 NATO, which would be fine with 5.56 rounds as well as the.223 Remington.

The HK SL8-1.223 features a 24″ 4-150 Chrome Molybdenum-Fluid Steel barrel that measures 1-inch inside of an aluminum handguard up to 0.75″ ahead of the gas block. The HK SL8-1.223s Wilson Air-Guaranteed Stainless Steel Bull Barrel measures 1.05 inches below the aluminum handguard, and 0.92 inches forward of the gas block. The pistol comes with a competing trigger from a different manufacturer, which the company says is smooth, double-staged, with a pull of 4.5 pounds.

That might be the mental picture of the rifle that varmints come with, but at least two AR-15-style manufacturers, Rock River and Bushmaster, are making the gun black, with a heavier barrel and marketing it with the.223 Remington as being suitable for precision shooting. Compared to the majority of DPMS bull-barrel rifles, which are available in only.223, the Rock River bull-barrel comes with the Wylde chamber, which is excellent in 5.56 as well as.223. Great for the small game calibers, you can use a stock magazine and a bolt action.223, you just need the barrel.

If you are looking for a true bolt-action driver in this caliber (5.56 NATO,.223/.224?,.223 Wylde), then please, do yourself a favor and pick up the Mine, as well as adding a Jewel Adjustable Trigger. Of particular note is the.223 Wylde chamber on this rifle, which is designed to be a match chamber for semiautomatic rifles. This rifles.223 Wylde chamber is bored out in the case housing for ease of extraction, and features a shorter throat to improve precision. The upper on the A4 is a 16-inch stainless-fluted barrel with a 13.5-inch SQ…The RRAs Two-Stage Varmint is basically the exact same trigger, however, the RRA claims that it offers a reduced 3.5-4-pound pull.

This rra two stage varmint matching 3.5Lb trigger is often used in varmint builds and long-range ARs, where the lighter 2 stage trigger helps accuracy and bullet placement. Part # AR0093NMKV The Rock River Arms 2-stage Match Trigger is a drop-in, match-grade trigger that provides crisp, 4-1/2-to-5lb, two-stage trigger pull for better precision in competitive or varmint shooting. The slug catch is located behind the hammer for reduced weight on the trigger. The Fred Eichler series RRA Predator2 features the Wylde.223 chambering, which is suitable for both 5.56mm and.223 Remington.

Rock River Arms LRA-15 Fred Eichler Series Predator.223 is offered in two-tone black-tan finishes, and comes with one 20-round (or 10-round, where laws are restricted) magazine, a hard case, and a owners manual. An industry leader known for producing an extensive lineup of premium AR-15-style rifles, components, parts, and accessories, Rock River Arms introduced in 2012 the Fred Eichler Series Predator.223 rifle to their expanding lineup of high-performance hunting firearms. For the RAGE 5.56 NATO Carbine, Rock River Arms went with the AR-15s most popular configuration, which is the 16-inch barreled rifle sporting the folding stock, commonly called an M4-style rifle. This was not the first time I had tested a Rock River rifle featuring its match-made stainless-steel barrel, so I was not surprised when the average group average stayed close to 3/4 MOA over five shots at 100 yards.

It is unusual to find a factory-made rifle that is averaged less than one-inch using only whatever regular ammunition we fed it, but the HK SL8-1.223 liked both the Federal and Winchester rounds, as we noted above. The ATH V2 is chambered in Wylde.223, giving shooters the option to run 5.56 NATO-caliber ammo at higher loads, or allow them to exploit the innate precision of.223 Remington. The RAGE Direct-Impingement RAGE operates on a carbine-length gas system and features a Chrome Moly chambered in 5.56 NATO, making it safer for firing higher-pressure 5.56 NATO military rounds, as well as commercial.223 Remington ammunition. The RAGE 3G features Rock Rivers new lightweight, aluminum, 15-inch, free-floating handguard, which runs down the length of the HBARs 16-inch chrome moly barrel.

These are commonly used in varmint and long-range AR builds, where it features a Model A4 upper receiver with the RRA Top Rail Octagonal Free-Floating Handguard, a Hogue pistol grip, A2 buttstock, and two-stage trigger with a Winter triggerguard. The bolt and barrel assemblies make up most of the metal in HKs gray sleeved SL8-1, making the it, as well as HKs.223-caliber SL8-1, light weight and highly corrosion-resistant.

Once the barrel Rock River uses arrives at Collona, Ill., Rock River Arms completes the chambering process, and then cryogenically stresses-relieves the barrel, prior to mating the barrel to the upper receiver.



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