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Springfield Armory Saint Ar-15 5.56 Nato Semi Auto Rifle 16″ Barrel 30 Rounds Black


The SAINT rifle by Springfield Armory offers a high-quality AR-15 rifle featuring premium components selected for rugged reliability and unyielding performance. M-Lok(r)-compatible and chambered in 5.56 NATO, the SAINT rifle comes in two configurations – because it is America, and we like choices. At its heart, the SAINT M-Lok is a rugged rifle, featuring forged receivers and high-quality bolt, gas, and barrel.

When I opened up the included gun case to get my first look at the SAINT M-Lok rifle, I could tell that it was almost all-ready for action. The M-Lok rifle was ready to go out of the box, complete with the A2 front sight and the REAR sight. The flat-top optic-ready design makes adding an optic a breeze when you are ready, and the MLOKs handguard is ready for mounting a light when you are ready. The SAINT M-Lok is poised to become your home defense rifle, or regular training companion.

The Saint also sports the larger, polymer-bumper-guard of the BCM. As you would guess by the name, this build of the Saint features an aluminum, free-floating handguard, the kind that has the attachment slots of an M-Lok. The free-floating aluminum handguard looks good, feels great in your hands, and offers endless mounting points for vertical foregrips, lights, slings, and more. At this point, I have fired, or seen fired, thousands of rounds through Springfields Saints. The Saint features aircraft-grade, extra-tough, 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum uppers and lower receivers, joined using an Accu-Tite system and Type III hard-coated anodizing. Springfields own Accu-Tite tensioning system is a nice add-on, but one that I feel is unnecessary beyond uber-accurate match guns. The trigger components on the Saint are given nickel-boron plating, which is not only corrosion-resistant, but also smoother, providing a trigger pull that is slightly smoother and lighter than the standard, GI-style fire control parts.

What sets the Edge ATC apart from the AR crowd is its floating trigger post. The lower receiver is designed to mimic an aluminum frame of a PRS-specific competitive rifle, the barrel slides in, with upper receiver pivots locked into position. A nice feature on these receivers is the Accu-Tite system, which allows the user to remove play from both the upper and lower receivers, which results in tighter fit, and an inherent better precision from the rifle. The upper flat-top receiver comes equipped with the M4 feed lips and front post, and the lower features Springfield Armorys proprietary Accu-Tite Tension System, consisting of nylon-tipped tensioning screws which tightens the fit between the upper and lower receivers, eliminating any play that may be present.

Moving away from the visually apparent features and toward the rifles core, it is immediately obvious why this rifle is the SAINT. The sights on the rifle are low-profile, UTG-branded UTG Leapers, and they are something that Tarr loves. Unlike many AR rifles on the market today, the St. Victor Rifle features a pinned, low-profile gas block, which is essential for professional-grade defensive rifles. Built specifically for duty, every SAINT Victor features Springfields M-Lok Free-Floating Handguards, as well as Performance Enhancements, to ensure pro-level reliability.

From the basic Saint series, through the SAINT Victor at the next level, to the SAINT Edge at the high-end, there is a Saint out there to suit your precise needs. The SAINT is loaded with features that you expect to see in rifles costing hundreds more. With Springfield Armorys new mid-length gas system, Bravo Company Manufacturing furniture, nickel-boron-coated trigger, heavier buffer tubes, and other upgraded features–not to mention the fact that it is priced below the $900 MSRP–the SAINT represents an outstanding value for prospective buyers. The new Springfield Armory SAINT represents Springfield Armorys first-ever civilian-market AR-15 design and production, and while there are plenty of other black rifles out there, and an enormous amount of new and existing gun manufacturers jumping on the AR bandwagon over the past few years, the SAINT has definitely created quite a stir, shooting blogs and websites of all stripes have been reporting on the latest Springfield creation.

To this end, at an event, writers who were present were able to run the new Springfield Armory SAINT at its most basic, using the Trijicon MRO–an excellent defensive carbines–as well as the lower-powered Bushnell optic, which we used to target engagements at more moderate distances. The Springfield SAINT takes the common AR-15 to a new level, and if you grab one today, you will not be disappointed. The Springfield Armory AR-15 Rifle is an excellent choice for those looking for a strong self-defense weapon or fun plinking piece. Look past the dated grip and stock, the $899 Springfield Armory Saint is an excellent rifle deserving of a far better trigger.

Of course, I am probably getting ahead of myself, and that is only with the launch of the St. Edge ATC series. The Saint Edge features a match-grade trigger, a Melonite-treated barrel, a SopMod buttstock, and it is lightweight at only 6lbs, 3ozs. If you are going through all that trouble developing something that is so far off-the-beaten-path like the Edge ATC, it would probably have been nice for a little longer barrel length.

Not only is the St. Springfields first AR-15-pattern rifle, it offers an excellent mix of features at about $300 less than any of its competitors. This was a major step forward for their first Saint, because they did not crack the Top 10 in 2018, placing them far back at #9 in 2017.

Your ultimate goal may differ from mine, but SAINT M-Lok provides the framework that will keep you on your mission no matter what. It is a second choice for the new AR owner while they find out where their shooting is going to take them, and that is exactly why I wanted a SAINT M-Lok.


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