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Glfa Left Handed Ar-15 .223 Wylde Rifle Flat Dark Earth

As for the rifles for the left hander and quality accessories, Stag 15L Tactical offers the best of the best. Companies such as Davidson Defense and Stag Arms produce sturdy, quality upper receivers and bolt carrier groups, and the custom builds are often cheaper than the pre-built rifles that are already assembled for either a left-handed person or an ambidextrous person. One of the reasons manufacturers shy away from focusing on left-handed rifles is that customizing a rifle is fairly straightforward. Right-handed rifles can be customized to have a left-handed upper and lower, meaning that they can put a safeties, an ejector port, and a stock that fits the way they hold their hands.

Before diving head-first into this issue, which is plaguing left-handed shooters, let us look at the differences between ambidextrous rifles (we will just call them ambis), left-handed, and right-handed. The main consideration for a left-handed shooter is to avoid getting shot with flying buttstocks by right-handed, semi-automatic rifles. When zeroed in, a semi-automatic rifle will shoot shell casings out of the right side of the rifle, straight into an unlucky left-handed shooter. You will not typically see any left-handed AR-15s sitting around on stock, because, let us face it, demand for left-handed rifles is not high.

Pick up the gun at an FFL dealer, which will have to run a background check on you, both criminal and mental. Choose a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) dealer who will take the gun and finalize the transfer. Fees may vary, so please contact your FFL Dealer in advance to get a quote for fees associated with the transfer of your firearm. Once you have placed the firearm in the cart and checked out, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number and additional instructions.



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