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Les Baer Custom Ar15 Manufacture

Les Baer Custom Inc. is an American manufacturer of custom firearms including M1911 pattern pistols, AR15 type rifles, and bolt action rifles. With decades of experience in the industry, Les Baer Custom has become a leader in the production of high-end custom firearms. Their signature firearm is the Baer Custom AR15 which includes a long list of features and options for customization. The company also offers complete customization services for all kinds of firearms including handguns, shotguns and precision rifles.

Les Baer Custom Ar15 Manufacture is renowned for its gun accuracy, match rifle and custom ultimate designs. The most popular model is the Wolf Gold 75 which comes with a BTHP ammunition in its sniper version. This gun has been designed to offer maximum accuracy when used by experienced shooters. It also offers great value for money since it offers premium quality at a reasonable price. The company also produces semi-automatic and super-automatic models that are perfect for recreational shooting or plinking quality ranges. All Les Baer Custom Ar15 Manufacture guns are built with the highest level of craftsmanship using high-grade materials to ensure ultimate quality and performance every time you take it out on the range. With its wide selection of firearms, excellent customer service and reputation for producing accurate guns, Les Baer Custom Ar15 Manufacture is one of the best choices when it comes to buying a precision firearm at an affordable price.

Les Baer offers a variety of bolt action and semi-automatic rifles, as well as pistol grip and sniper versions. Their guns are renowned for their surgical accuracy, with their Baer Ultimate AR-15 being one of the most popular models. This rifle is available in a variety of calibers including Hornadys 75 grain, .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. The Baer Ultimate also comes with Leupolds magnification scope for added accuracy at long range shooting. In addition to the Ultimate model, Les Baer also produces other custom firearms such as the Super Varmint A4 which is an excellent choice for tactical applications or varmint hunting. Lastly, Les Baer produces an extensive line of custom handguns such as 1911s in various configurations that are sure to please any gun enthusiast looking for a reliable firearm with high-end features at an affordable price point. With its wide selection and reputation for quality firearms, Les Baer Custom Ar15 Manufacture is definitely worth considering when shopping around for your next gun purchase.

Their amazing rifles, especially the varmint rifles, are excellent for the demanding varmint hunter. They offer effortless operation and a combination of target and action varmint models that are sure to please. The incredible smoothness of their actions is a real pleasure to use, and when you match them with a good scope, it’s hard not to get excited about taking aim through your eyes. Les Baer Custom Ar15 Manufacture has earned its reputation as one of the best gun makers in the business – definitely worth considering for your next purchase!

Known for its reliable carbine, the Les Baer Ar15 is a semi-automatic rifle that can be used for defensive and offensive applications. Its good trigger, good sights and overall quality make it an excellent choice for police work or a deadly force encounter. This semiautomatic rifle has been seen as a useful advantage over other guns in the same class due to its higher quality peak and performance. With the Les Baer AR15 in your hands you can rest assured that you are carrying one of the most reliable, durable and powerful guns on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a good rifle to use in competition shooting or need something more reliable for defensive purposes, this gun is sure to provide an edge over similar models with its superior build quality and accuracy.

Les Baer Custom Ar15 Manufacture is an amazing rifle gunsmith that produces some of the most accurate ARs in the market. Their varmint rifles are particularly outstanding, with their fine custom sporter and super varmint models on Mauser action for added accuracy. The action varminter is one of their most popular guns, featuring a hard anodized finish and capable of delivering consistent performance shot after shot.

The Les Baer Custom Ar15 Manufacture is known for its innovative front sight and top receiver, making them one of the most sought-after AR rifles on the market. The new rifle features a top upper receiver made from 7075 T6 aluminum that has been machined to exacting standards, giving it a useful advantage over other models. One of its favorite features is the removable carry handle that allows you to attach optics without having to worry about obstruction. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable rear sight that folds down when not in use, making it easier to store your AR rifle when not in use.

Les Baer Customs Ar15 Manufacturer produces many commercial models of sniper rifles and their M110 Sniper rifle is based off of the A2 style and includes a flash hider. The manufacturing starts with full-length barreled receivers with chrome lined bores, hand fitted bolt carriers, charging handles and all other parts to ensure an accurate and reliable rifle.

Les Baer Custom Ar15 is a renowned rifle manufacturer that prides itself on their quality and accuracy. All of their rifles are custom built to the highest standards with additional AR models available in different calibers and configurations. Baer’s selected Magpuls PMAG 20LR polymer magazines are included with each rifle, as well as gunsmith Les’ signature logo on the magazine release button. In addition to standard AR-15 models, they have introduced new calibers, additional controls for ambidextrous use and improved ergonomics for increased comfort when shooting. Les Baer Custom Ar15 provides a wide selection of guns that are manufactured to be reliable, accurate and comfortable while using the latest in AR-15 controls. Each firearm is hand fitted by an experienced gunsmith utilizing only premium components including a precision match grade barrel for superior accuracy and performance.

Les Baer Custom is an AR-15 Manufacturer that has been producing some of the finest semiautomatic rifle systems for over two decades. Their commitment to excellence and craftsmanship is evident in their rifles. They are proud to have Clint Smith, a legendary pistol manufacturer and firearms instructor, join their excellent crew in 2014. Les Baer’s ARs are built with quality parts and components and feature precise machining processes that ensure reliable performance. The 223 rifles from Les Baer are renowned for their accuracy, reliability, precision fitment, and attention to detail. Additionally, they all come with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser of the firearm. These semi-automatic rifles offer superior performance when it comes to firing grade ammunition or even handloads that you may have created yourself; making them highly desirable among shooters who demand accuracy and reliability from their firearms. If you’re looking for a top quality rifle system designed by an experienced gunsmith then look no further than Baers ARs; they truly provide one of the highest quality semiautomatic rifle systems available today!


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