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Stag Arms Ar15 Manufacture

Stag Arms, a Connecticut-based firearms manufacturer, has been in business since 2003 and is best known for producing the AR15 rifle. Founded by Mark Malkowski, who has been an avid shooter since his childhood and served in the US Army as an infantryman during Operation Desert Storm. Since its inception, Stag Arms has become one of the most popular AR15 manufacturers among gun enthusiasts across the United States. Their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail have made them one of the leading brands in the industry. At the 2014 Shot Show held in Las Vegas, Stag Arms was recognized for their commitment to excellence with numerous awards from Rifleman Magazine and American Rifleman Magazine including “Best Small Manufacturer”. Additionally they were lauded by National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Ammo Magazine for their part in helping Connecticut pass its landmark assault weapons ban legislation. The company’s founder Mark Malkowski was also honored at this show as he received a special award from Group Lauded Stag Rifles for outstanding achievement as well as being named “Outstanding Machine Gun Manufacturer” of 2014 by American Rifleman Magazine. Stag Arms continues to be an innovator within the industry having developed products such as unserialized firearms that are completely legal under federal law while still offering all of quality services expected from any major manufacturer.

Stag Arms is a one-connecticut gunmaker owned by Mark Malkowski and is one of the leading gun manufacturers in the country. The company is well-known for its commitment to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to Federal Firearms Laws and has been producing firearms since 2003. Stag Arms LLC has become one of the most popular manufacturers attracting law enforcement, military, and civilian customers alike with their quality products. They specialize in AR style rifles and machine guns which are all compliant with National Firearms Act regulations. Owner Mark Malkowski has over 20 years of experience in production management and his expertise helps ensure that their products will continue to be top-notch year after year.

Stag Arms is one of the rare gun makers in Connecticut that still manufactures their own products. They have produced over 1 million rifle receivers and 20 mag gun receivers over the years. The company was subject to penalties given by one Connecticut state agency when agents inspected Stag Arms’ facilities and found that they had violated firearms laws, including failing to stamp serial numbers on some weapons. These violations resulted in criminal prosecution of Mark Malkowski, a major setback for Stag Arms.

Stag Arms is a manufacturer of 15 rifles, specializing in AR-15 style guns. These rifles have become popular among shooters and are known for their durability and accuracy. One of the key features on the AR-15 is the ejection port, located on the upper receiver of the left side. Also found on this side is a safety selector switch that gives shooters control over when their rifle can be fired. On the lower receiver, which houses most of its firing mechanism, you’ll find a selector switch which controls how many rounds are fired with each trigger pull.

The Stag Arms AR15 Manufacture offers complete rifles as well as rifle kits. The Stag Arms 3TM model comes with an infinite shot guarantee, meaning you can fire your rifle without worrying about wear and tear on its parts. It also comes with a transferable lifetime warranty that covers any potential repairs or issues. If something goes wrong, they will replace it free of charge! This is extended to the barrel of the gun too, so if you ever need a new barrel, Stag Arms will provide one free of charge.

Stag Arms, LLC is a reliable parts dealer and manufacturer offering quality AR-15 rifles. Monday through Friday, Stag Arms offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required. The company has earned a reputation for producing quality semiautomatic AR-15 rifles, making it one of the most popular brands in the US market. Stag Arms also has a presence in Britain as well; they are one of the few manufacturers offering new AR-15 rifles for sale in this region. Stag Arms’ reputation for providing superior quality firearms at reasonable prices have made them popular among military and law enforcement personnel, as well as recreational shooting enthusiasts throughout Europe and North America. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Stag Arms is sure to remain a leading supplier of reliable parts and firearms for many years to come.

They specialize in 15-style firearms, ranging from featureless rifles to military-style guns, and even offer a wide variety of ammunition magazines for various capacities. Stag Arms provides accessible magazine releases to ensure quick and safe reloading. This makes their firearms ideal for shooting competitions or just recreational use. Their products are highly sought after in both California and Connecticut due to the broad categories of features they offer.

Stag Arms has become well known in the gun industry for manufacturing popular guns, such as the AR-15 style rifles. Many gun enthusiasts have come to love and use these modular semiautomatic rifles because of their versatility and accuracy. The M4 carbine is one of their most popular models, as it is a replica of the Colt AR-15 military rifle. It has been used in many national shooting competitions and shooting sports across the country. Stag Arms also offers other types of rifles, such as AK-47s, which are becoming increasingly popular among shooters who prefer more powerful weapons for hunting or target practice. The company has gained recognition from many professional shooters due to its commitment to providing quality firearms at reasonable prices.

Stag Arms is known for its AR-15s with their light recoil profile, great ejection feature, and various other features. The Stag Arms 15 gun stock is also quite popular among shooters. The SIG ROMEO MSR (Modular Shooting Rifle) has been praised by many gun owners for its accuracy and reliability. It features a durable construction and a comfortable grip that makes shooting enjoyable. In addition to the AR-15s from Stag Arms, they also offer several other firearms such as shotguns and handguns. With their commitment to quality products and customer service, it’s no wonder why so many shooters turn to Stag Arms when looking for reliable firearms.


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