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Falkor Defense Ar15 Manufacture

This article discusses the features of the new Falkor Defense Blitz SBR AEG rifle. The rifle is chambered in .223 Wylde and has a 16-inch barrel with a mid-length gas system. It has an ambidextrous safety selector, a mach 15 ambi-charging handle, and a Blast Cap muzzle brake.

Falkor Defense is a well-known AR15 manufacturer that has been making high quality builds for years. They offer a complete build out, so you don’t have to worry about leaving budget rifles behind. With Falkor Defense, you can be sure that your standard AR will be built to the highest specifications. Take a look at the job Falkor Defense does with their AR15s and you won’t be disappointed. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence is what sets them apart from other manufacturers in the field.

Falkor Defense is a new AR15 manufacturer that has quickly become one of the most reliable and sought after rifle manufacturers. They specialize in using the highest quality components, such as their 223 Wylde Hanson barrel and their own receivers. When you purchase a Falkor Defense AR15, you can rest assured knowing that it will be rifle ready right out of the box. With minor tweaks, you can have a quite svelte standard AR15.

Falkor Defense, a company based in Texas, is known for building complete rifles and making quality AR parts. Since the golden years of Bushmaster Firearms, many people have taken their rifles to the next level with customizations. Falkor Defense offers barrels from top manufacturers like Midwest Industries and some of the best Ruger prices around. Looking for something new? Prices on some items took a huge drop recently.

Falkor Defense is one of the top AR-15 manufacturers in the industry and make outstanding rifles. Their rifle fame has grown with their bolt chrome lined barrels, bolt hard anodized receivers, and double barrel life. They use the best material to make their rifles with gun steel that will last much longer than most other brands. Falkor Defense also makes some of the most respected accessories in the industry such as Wilson Combats and amazing ARs from Noveske Rifleworks.

Falkor Defense recently released the new Blitz SBR which is a mount longer internal barrel and match military 5.56×45 cases. The standard bolt face is used with extra length to create a slim profile motor that completes the look of this beautiful firearm. The head rim dimensions are perfect and make it very comfortable to hold with a motor grip, allowing the use of any accessories in any way that you may need in the field or for match head accuracy.

Falkor Defense has introduced its new Blitz SBR AR-15 platform rifle, a complete high end look at a budget AR platforms. The SBR EMG design has a catch bolt release that is much easier to use than any other AR-15 with an M4 style receiver. The Falkor Mach 15 comes with a metal upper and lower receiver, including the magazine catch, giving it that extra level of durability. The addition of the Daniel Defense Fire Selector and Short Throw Fire selector are top notch features that add to the overall performance of the rifle. The ambidextrous control of the BCM makes it easy to switch from one side to another with ease when using ambi controls. With these features and additions, you get a full package rifle in an AR-15 platform that is sure to impress on any range or battlefield setting.

Falkor Defense Ar15 manufacture offers an ambidextrous safety selector with radian weapons talon, optics mounts, and american defense manufacturing optics. Their free float uppers are perfect for home defense and their lowers can be stamped with my best stamp of approval. Standard lowers are available for those who just want a basic weapon. They also have Shtf tested couple things such as ambi charging handles and weapon accessories.

Falkor Defense is an AR-15 manufacture that produces rifles for defense. They use a 16-inch barrel for their full-length rifles and a 14.5-inch barrel for their carbines, leaving the completed rifle doors open to barrel mix. They also finish their M4 feed ramps to ensure proper function of the M4 Military Carbine style weapon systems. Falkor Defense also offers a tier 1 AR warranty and is one of the leading AR manufacturers in the market today. The term ‘Shtf Tested’ is just a marketing catchphrase used by Falkor Defense when they fired off a completed rifle to test its reliability and accuracy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that their products are any more reliable than other AR manufacturers on the market today.

Falkor Defense Ar15 is one of the most reliable and accurate rifle length systems available in the market today. Their rifles come with short barreled rifle (SBR) configurations, known for its sub-16-inch barrels, and 18-inch or longer barrels for those who prefer more accuracy and range. The gas system used by Falkor Defense is designed to optimize performance for both short and long barrel length models. They also produce a legal American denomination known as an oddball dissipator model which combines a mid-length gas system with traditionally shorter 16″ barrel. This combination provides superior accuracy at longer ranges while maintaining reliability at shorter distances.

Falkor Defense Ar15 Manufacture is a reliable company that produces a variety of firearms and accessories. Their AR-15s come in various configurations, allowing the consumer to choose between standard 5.56 mm and converting it to accept other rifle bullets such as the 402, 358, or 401. Falkor Defense also offers an option to convert their 5.56mm ARs to 10mm Magnum pistols and accept straight wall cartridges for larger calibers such as the 56mm AR and 5 Grendel. They also offer other parts such as barrels, bolts, carriers groups and sig dies for reloading ammunition.

Falkor Defense is a well known manufacture of AR-15 rifles and pistols. The Blitz SBR is a newer model and offers enhanced features such as increased muzzle thickness, nickel boron coating, and a muzzle brake designed to reduce recoil. This 10″ receiver also offers a blast cap that helps to alter the sound of firing the 300 AAC Blackout rounds with up to 140,000 psi. The nickel boron coating provides permanent lubrication for optimal performance and reliability. Their bolt carrier group is designed to be one of the strongest AR carriers on the market, providing added durability and strength to your AR platform.


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