Vortex Optics: While primarily an optics company, they also provide mounts.

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Vortex Optics: Merging Precision Optics with Robust Mounting Solutions Introduction Vortex Optics, an unmistakable name in the world of shooting and outdoor activities, has gained immense recognition for its stellar range of optical products. While optics are their primary forte, they’ve also ventured into the realm of mounting solutions, bringing their hallmark quality and precision […]

Vortex Optics Ar15 Optics

Vortex Optics AR15 optics are a recommended choice for hunting rifles. Their prism scopes have 1x optics, making them ideal for backup sights and allowing traditional variable magnification of up to 25x. This provides much magnification power that is well suited for hunting applications. When used with popular cartridges such as the .56, Vortex Optics […]

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