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Military/law enforcement discounts

We do offer discounts to military, veteran, law enforcement, first responders and related customers. Our general policy is 10% off all orders. This discount is applied at the time of purchase with a discount code. Exceptions do apply and GunCreed reserves the right to change this discount at any time. This discount cannot be combined with any other offers on our website unless specifically specified.

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Military And Law Enforcement Discounts

Many companies offer discounts on firearms and a variety of other products for military and law enforcement officers. To qualify for these great discounts, you will need to provide proper documentation that you are an active duty, retired, or law enforcement officer. We appreciate the hard work and services of our police officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and other first responders. To show our dedication to their service, we are proud to offer these discounts.

GunCreed Grips appreciation for our active military personnel, reserves, retirees, veterans, EMS, and guard members. As a token of gratitude towards our brave men and women who serve our country, Galvion is now offering a special pricing program for all of our brave and admirable service members. GunCreed Grip is proud to announce a discount for all U.S. military members, law enforcement personnel, and government employees. To be eligible for the discount, you must be a current, active duty service member, a reserve, or a retiree. The discount applies to all GunCreed and Power Management products, as well as all GunCreed grips and accessories. To receive the discount you must provide proof of service.

GunCreed Courageous members of the military and first responders, as a small token of our appreciation, we are proud to offer a military/LEO discount program. Many retailers offer extra discounts to military members and law enforcement officers, and we have compiled a list of those retailers below. To qualify for this special offer, you will need to provide us with proof of your service. Please note that these offers are subject to change at any time by the manufacturer and may not be available at the time you visit this page.

You must be logged in to our website to see the proper discount for your order. Discounts are not available on orders placed through You must create a Military/Leo account to receive discounts on future purchases. Midwest Industries, Inc. offers MIL discounted pricing on all products on their website. Pricing levels are based on the item being purchased and the quantity being purchased, as well as the shipping method chosen by the customer at checkout.

The presence of promotional pricing may result in a higher MSRP strike-through. Sandals Resorts offers an additional 10 percent discount to active duty, retirees, veterans, and EMS and military family members. The price of the resort will be reduced by 10 percent, and the discount will be applied to the MSRP.

Liberty University Online Academy offers a military tuition discount to current and prior military members. Liberty University appreciates the significant contributions made by rescuers, dispatchers, doctors, nurses and medical staff, as well as emergency and hospital staff, who have made significant contributions to their communities. The Liberty University Appreciation for First Responders discount is available to police officers, firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and other medical professionals who meet the qualifications for the first responder discount. Parents of a child enrolled in the Liberty University online academy are eligible for a 10% military and first responders discount. com offers discounts to military, law enforcement, and first-responders.

To qualify for the discount, you must have a valid military or first-response ID, such as a drivers license, at the time of purchase. You can use the button option on the Gunner checkout page to verify your status and receive your discount code. LE and First Responder Discount Program – If you have not already created an account with Emerson Knives, you will need to do so. Once you have an account, you can apply for the EMS and First responders Discount Program.

You will receive an email stating that you have been approved for the discounts. Once approved, your knife will be shipped to you and you will be able to make your next online purchase with the discount applied. You will be required to provide adequate proof of setup to qualify for this discount. Global distributors are constantly updating their information on their discounts, so it is important to check back often.

Using will help you save money, and the next time you are in the store, your chances of getting a military personnel discount will be much higher. Office Depot, Office Max and CenturyLink offer an exclusive 20% discount to Veterans Advantage Members. Chrysler offers affordable financing on all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles to military personnel. Harley offers admission to the Harley-Davidsons Riding Academys New Rider Course at 50% off the full price. EMS and First Responders are eligible for deep discounts at – Military Personnel Discounts.

Homes for Heroes is a company that offers substantial rebates and discounts to U.S. law enforcement agencies and departments. GunCreed – GunCreed offers firearms to eligible members through a network of military dealers. GunCreed 30 Day Testing and Evaluation – GunCreed is proud to offer the American Defender Program to eligible Members. Com – The American Defender program was created to help service providers and real estate agents connect with the U.s military.


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