AR15 / M4 / M16 Stand (Black)

Display Stand AR-15 Style Rifles, SBRS, and Pistols. Designed to FIT 30RD GEN 2 and 3 MAGPUL PMAGS.

AR15 / M4 / M16 Stand (Coyote)

Display Stand AR-15 Style Rifles, SBRS, and Pistols. Designed to FIT 30RD GEN 2 and 3 MAGPUL PMAGS.

M110 / SR25 / AR10 Stand

Display Stand AR-10 Style Rifles. Designed to fit 20RD Gen3 762Nato Magpul PMAGS. This stand was created for AR-10 Rifles.


Display Stand AK & AKM Style Rifles. Designed to FIT 20RD  MAGPUL PMAGS.

S.A. Hellion Stand

Display Stand For Springfield Armory Hellion Rifle. Designed to FIT 30RD  MAGPUL PMAGS.

Yes sir it will work. This stand holds the magazine of the rifle, so if you’re using the Magpul P-Mag that the rifle came with (or any spare P-Mags), it’ll work.

At checkout if you don’t see an option for color we don’t have any colors but black. If you would like to special order a color, please contact us.

Yes, there are no problems with long term use. This stand will hold a magazine long term and a magazine will hold your firearm long term. We have some people who have a locked gun room who use the stand to display their favorite rifle inside their gun room, so yes, no problem at all with long term use.

Good question, The black rifle in two of the pictures is an 18″ barrel, the stock is collapsed, and it still balances great. I’m pretty sure you’ll be good to go but order one and if it doesn’t balance you’ll get a complete refund. There is no weight limit.

No, unfortunately the Daniel Defense magazines have an attachment point at the bottom that prevent it from fitting into this stand

Our stand is 7″x7″ width and two inches tall.

AR-15 Stand Black

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AR15 GEN3 Stand (Mil-Spec Nylon)

Frequently Ask Question About Ar15 & Ar10 Rifles

One common question about Ar15 & Ar10 rifles is what is the difference between them? Although they share many similarities and are both tactical rifles, there are some significant differences. The most obvious difference is size, as the Ar15 is typically larger and heavier than an Ar10. This results in a different set of rifle parts that must be used to function properly. There are also many different models within each type of rifle, with varying features and capabilities.

The AR15 and AR10 are both style rifles, intended for different purposes. The main similarities between the two guns are their lightweight construction, factory magazine compatibility, and shorter barrel length. The main difference between them is their type of cartridge; the AR15 typically fires a .223 or 5.56 NATO round while the AR10 fires a 7.62x51mm round. This makes the AR10 heavier than its lighter counterpart due to its larger barrel and ammo size.

The firearms development of the AR10 began in the 1950s and was designed as a new rifle to be used on the battlefield today. While these rifles may not fit into traditional sense of what a rifle should look like, the modern AR10 is considered one of the most reliable weapons in military history. The infantry usually carries this weapon due to its capabilities in terms of accuracy and power. America has been at the forefront when it comes to manufacturers that make these rifles, such as Colt and Bushmaster, and they have also produced semi-automatic versions. The AR15 is an improvement from its predecessor, making it more comfortable for soldiers to use on long missions with less fatigue. This rifle has become very popular with American forces due to its lightweight design which makes it much easier for them to carry around on their mission.

The AR15 and AR10 are civilian versions of the military weapon, which are available for purchase by ordinary people. People without knowledge of weapons often refer to them as “rifles” or “guns”, but they are actually two distinct models. The AR15 is a semi-automatic rifle made by DPMS (Designated Precision Manufacturers and Suppliers) while the AR10 is a semi-automatic rifle made by another company.

Both rifles are popular with hunters and shooters alike, but they have a few differences. While the AR15 is chambered in smaller calibers such as .223 Remington, the AR10 is chambered in larger calibers such as .308 Winchester. This makes the AR10 a better choice for hog hunting or big game hunting. The AR15 also comes in many different models, so you can choose one that fits your needs best. If you’re looking for one rifle to do it all, then the AR10 may be the better choice since it’s capable of handling larger calibers than an AR15.

It’s a great purchase for someone who wants to use the same gun for hunting, target shooting, and home defense. The basic design of an AR10 is similar to that of the AR15, but it is larger and has a longer gas system. This allows it to handle cartridges such as .308 Winchester or .338 Lapua Magnum. A good coyote gun would be an AR10 chambered in .308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor with a twist rate of 1:10 or 1:11. Quality loads in either round will provide reliable accuracy and help take down coyotes with ease. An AR15 is also a great option for hunting small game since it can fire 556 NATO rounds, which are more than adequate for predators like coyotes and foxes. Additionally, there are endless supplies of specific 9mm parts available so you can customize your rifle however you choose. In conclusion, both the AR15 and AR10 make great rifles that offer reliability, accuracy and customization options depending on what type of shooting you plan on doing; making them both excellent choices when deciding what firearm to purchase next.

National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Armalite rifle, developed in the late 1950s, has changed the way firearms are manufactured. Today there is a large selection of AR15 and AR10 weapons to choose from that can be used for hunting or target shooting at distances up to 800 yards. The quality components used in their construction make them ideal for military competition, as well as recreational shooters who want a functional gun with superior accuracy.

The Ar15 and Ar10 are related firearms that were first developed by the company Armalite Rifle in the 1950s. The 15 rifle was designed as a lightweight firearm with excellent accuracy firing capabilities, with an effective range of up to 800 yards. It is chambered in the popular 5.56×45 calibers, allowing for it to be used in many different applications such as target shooting or hunting. Modern day ARs have been improved upon and are now much more reliable than their predecessors due to advances in technology and materials used during production. This makes them a great option for any shooter looking for an excellent firearm that can perform well under any situation and still maintain its accuracy over time.

Ar15 and Ar10 rifles are commonly used for accurate hunting by experienced shooters. They come in barreled rifles of different length, making them suitable for a variety of shooting needs. To maximize the performance of these guns, you should use grade ammunition that is sized appropriately to the rifle’s chamber. For example, 56mm ammunition is best suited to an Ar15 or Ar10 rifle. The effective range of these weapons can be as far as 800 yards making them popular amongst special forces operators and other professionals that need a reliable firearm at any distance. Many shooters also like to match their grain size with the target they are shooting at for a more precise shot.

One of the most frequently asked questions about AR15 & AR10 rifles is what makes them so special. Colt is a name that has been synonymous with firearms since the late 1950s and they have established themselves as one of the premier gun manufacturers in the industry. The Colt complete rifle design is considered one of the best rifle designs ever created and it’s popularity has not waned over time. The 30 caliber guns produced by Colt are legendary weapons and many shooters consider them to be some of the most reliable weapons ever made. Another popular question regarding AR15 & AR10 rifles is who designed them? The answer to this question lies in humble gun scribe Eugene Stoner, who was responsible for designing these iconic weapons back in 1957. Stoner saw no use for useless expense when it came to creating a weapon, which led him to develop a lightweight, streamlined version of an AK47 that would become known as an assault rifle or modern sporting rifle today.


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