Yes sir it will work. This stand holds the magazine of the rifle, so if you’re using the Magpul P-Mag that the rifle came with (or any spare P-Mags), it’ll work.

At checkout if you don’t see an option for color we don’t have any colors but black. If you would like to special order a color, please contact us.

Yes, there are no problems with long term use. This stand will hold a magazine long term and a magazine will hold your firearm long term. We have some people who have a locked gun room who use the stand to display their favorite rifle inside their gun room, so yes, no problem at all with long term use.

Good question, The black rifle in two of the pictures is an 18″ barrel, the stock is collapsed, and it still balances great. I’m pretty sure you’ll be good to go but order one and if it doesn’t balance you’ll get a complete refund. There is no weight limit.

No, unfortunately the Daniel Defense magazines have an attachment point at the bottom that prevent it from fitting into this stand

Our stand is 7″x7″ width and two inches tall.

AR-15 Stand Black

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