AR15 Ejectable Barrel Safety Flag(Coming Soon)


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The first ejectable safety. No more fumbling trying to get your safety out before you shoot. When you charge your AR15 rifle our flag ejects automatically. Easy and quick to put in and even quicker and easier to get out.


Ar15 Chamber Safety Flag Orange Ar15 Rifle Barrel Safety Flag

The Ar15 Chamber Safety Flag Orange Ar15 Rifle Barrel Safety Flag is a must have for any firearm enthusiast. This flag set provides a simple solution to chamber safety at the range. The bright orange color of the flags make them easily visible and provide peace of mind that your gun is safe. The GunCreed chamber flags are also lightweight and durable, making them perfect for a day at the range or shooting competition.

These orange universal flags are great safety tools for multiple firearms. They feature six orange flags that provide a reminder of an empty chamber. This tool is designed to fit any gun and can be used with any firearm. The Ar15 Chamber Safety Flag Orange Ar15 Rifle Barrel Safety Flag is a great way to increase the level of firearm safety in your home or workplace. These safety devices provide peace of mind when handling guns and ensure that they remain unloaded until they are ready to be used.

The Ar15 Chamber Safety Flag Orange Ar15 Rifle Barrel Safety Flag is one of the easiest rifles to use and is a favorite among black rifle firearms enthusiasts. This 30 caliber rifle has an open bolt indicator, which allows firearm owners to easily identify whether or not their rifles are empty. The resistant polymer material used in its design makes it durable and fits most open bolts on any AR-15 type gun. Made specifically for .223/5.56 cal, this safety flag gives firearm owners the assurance that their guns are unloaded when not in use and provides an easy way to visually check each chamber with its bright orange color.

The Ar15 Chamber Safety Flag is made of solid silicone material and fits snugly into the ejection port. It prevents dust, dirt and debris from entering the gun’s chamber which could lead to malfunctions and decreased accuracy. Its design also helps extend the lifespan of the gun by providing a barrier between ammunition and other parts of the rifle. This safety flag can also be used for pump action shotguns and semi-automatic guns as well as with lasers, optics or stabilizing accessories for limitless customizability.

The ‘Ar15 Chamber Safety Flag Orange Ar15 Rifle Barrel Safety Flag’ is a great and small gun part that is ideal for handgun owners. It is a good wind indicator, automatic rifle and many other great features. It comes with an ordnance billet and target frame made from surveyors tape, flagging tape and tool interiors so you can customize it to your gun. It also has semi-automatic features which make it perfect for use with any tool or gun that you may have in your collection.

The Ar15 Chamber Safety Flag Orange Ar15 Rifle Barrel Safety Flag is specifically designed to provide a better cheek weld for the shooter and help range officers easily identify an open chamber. The flags body is made from durable materials, ensuring that it can take plenty of abuse in the field or at the range. The long skinny portion slides into the chamber of your firearm, providing a visible indication that it is unloaded. This can be especially useful when checking multiple weapons to ensure they are safely stored and/or used by shooters. By making sure that all chambers are empty, gun owners can keep themselves and others safe while using their weapon or tool of choice. With its bright orange color, this safety flag will make sure you never forget to check your firearms chamber again!

This AR15 Chamber Safety Flag from GunCreed is made with quality allen and torx wrenches so you can attach it easily to your rifle. It also has 4 molle attachments, making it a handy item that can be used for other tasks as well. The flag patch is secured with velcro from USA, and the carry handle helps you keep track of it wherever you go. It’s a cool feature that many gun owners will appreciate! Furthermore, its encryption technology ensures your data is secure when using the latest softwares.


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