M16 / M4 / AR15 STAND for Rifles, SBRs and Pistols (Coyote Mil-Spec Nylon)


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Product Description

PRE-ORDER (Stands should be delivered to you within 30 days. Designed to fit 30RD Gen 2 and 3 Magpul PMAGS. This staging stand was created for AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and Pistols.

If you use a different magazine than the Magpul Industries 30rd Gen 2 and 3 PMAGS then you will need to purchase one.

Great for displaying your AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and pistols at home, business, gun store, gun range, training and clubs.

With our stand your gun is ready to go!


Coyote Ar15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth Ar15

The Coyote AR15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth AR15 is a near ideal predator rifle for hunting and shooting forays. This rifle is specifically designed to be a coyote hunting rifle, but it can also be used by deer hunters, predator hunters, and general hunting enthusiasts. The rifle needs are well taken care of in this model, which makes it an ar-15 style that stands out from the rest. The Coyote gunning system is equipped with a 500-yard scope, making it easier for hunters to take down their prey with precision.

The Coyote AR15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth AR15 is a highly sought-after gunning system that comes with a very aggressive optical system. It is equipped with the Tract HD optical system that provides hunters with a clear and crisp image of their target. The 1500-yard target contact tool makes it easy to take down targets from long range. This gunning system is compatible with shotguns, muzzleloader weapons, and rifles shotguns.

The Coyote Ar15 Rifle in Flat Dark Earth is the best way to bring long range targets into view. It uses a large lens system, providing wide field of view and the best optics for close range and excellent light gathering ability. The scope is perfect for hunting coyotes, providing clear view of both wide field and close contact targets.

The Coyote AR15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth AR15 is the perfect new build AR rifle for anyone looking to upgrade their firearm. With parallax-free shooting, you can be sure that your rifle will hit your target every time. The pistol makes the scope system easy to use and allows for quick adjustment on the fly. This system makes use of pattern color to help you acquire your target quickly and accurately. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing build, the side focus knob is a great addition that replaces the old dust cover.

The Coyote AR15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth AR15 is a top-of-the-line firearm that is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable and durable weapon. The rifle is made from high-quality stainless alloy that is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Protector carbines and stainless steel ar pattern rifles are the hallmark of this brand, which has been producing actual firearms for decades. The solid color armor tuff coating on this rifle provides excellent protection against scratches and other damage, while the custom build process allows you to choose from a variety of colors finishes and parts colors.

The Coyote AR15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth AR15 is a top-of-the-line firearm that boasts a number of impressive features. One of the standout features is the custom pistol grip, which comes in 250 Coyote Brown and adds to the overall aesthetics of the rifle. The flat dark earth finish gives it an elite variant look and is one of the most popular finishes on firearms. The skeleton stock and rubber coated Hogue provide excellent support and comfort, while the free floating hand guard allows for greater accuracy when shooting.

The Coyote AR15 rifle in Flat Dark Earth is an excellent choice for any shooter looking for a reliable and accurate firearm. This rock river coyote rifle is one of the most tested rifles on the market, with a large trigger guard and soft pistol grip for added comfort during extended shooting sessions. The lower trigger guard and guard plate provide added protection, while the newest centerfire offering gives this rifle a slight accuracy edge over other models.

The Coyote Ar15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth Ar15 is the perfect hunting rifle for those looking to take down coyotes with precision and ease. This rare bolt action rifle is loaded with features that make it stand out from the rest, including a scan coyote swatch and cad shop design. While some users have reported feeding problems when using certain hunting ammunition, the Coyote Ar15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth Ar15 can easily be used with different components to minimize the chance of any issues.

The Coyote Ar15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth Ar15 is a rifle predator hunting enthusiasts would love to own. With so many shooters and hunters looking for an effective hunting rifle, the Coyote Ar15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth Ar15 is a top contender in the market. Its longer range bullet applications make it the only rifle you’ll need for your next hunt.

The Coyote AR15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth AR15 is a high-quality firearm that comes equipped with a 30-round polymer magazine. Before purchasing this rifle, it is important to verify FFL dealers information to ensure that the proper procedures are being followed. The firearm is compatible with the top cartridge, which is the 223 Remington/5.56×45 NATO. The PMAG 30 AR generation PMAG 30 provides reliable storage transit for your rifle, and most orders are processed within three business days. Additionally, the Gen M3 dust cover ensures that your rifle stays protected during storage and transit.

The Coyote AR15 Rifle Flat Dark Earth AR15 is a popular choice in the tactical gun industry. When it comes to your firearm transfer, it’s important to pick your firearm from a trusted FFL dealer. It’s also worth noting that fees can vary depending on the dealer and whether or not they have a DOD contract. This specific rifle comes in unique color codes, so be sure to request a quote for the one you want. A mental health background check is required for all firearm purchases, but it’s important to use a generic term instead of revealing any potential criminal history.


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