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Woman Shooting AR-10 & AR-15 Rifles, Girl & A Gun

If you don’t know someone with AR, I suggest you do the same as me: join a female firearms group like The Well-Armed Woman or A Girl & A Gun, among others (check in your local dash for additional resources in your area).

AR platform rifles are fun, fun to shoot and customizable. Although the AR-15 was inspired by the M14 used by the military, it was originally designed as a sporting firearm for civilians. Before being targeted at civilians, the weapons were built from readily available components, raising questions about US gun laws and the gray zone that exists among traditional categories like shotguns and pistols.

But while this weapon may seem like a shotgun to many people, it is technically classified as a pistol under federal law. In contrast, the AR style rifles we’re talking about are semi-automatic, which means they only fire one shot when the trigger is pulled. This is how Raymond Geisel received his weapons, including a Glock Model 17 pistol and a semi-automatic version of the AK-47 assault rifle.

Etats-Unis assault rifles and pistols are transforming the US arms industry for arms manufacturers. Prices for the new AR-15 model range from $500 to over $2,000. The AR-15 or its variants have been reported to have been used in multiple mass shootings, including in Aurora, Colorado; Newtown, Connecticut; San Bernardino, California; and Sutherland, Texas Springs; Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida, with 154 deaths, the civilian cousin of the military assault rifle is a highly controversial product of modern American industry.

Proponents argue that the AR-15 was mistakenly demonized, claiming that the vast majority of owners never use it for criminal purposes and that although rifles have been used in mass gunfire, it is responsible for a very small percentage of gun violence. the country. Thanks to this passionate pursuit and astute marketing, the AR-15 remains the crown jewel of the arms industry, the most popular rifle in the country, irreversibly ingrained in American culture. Etats-Unis US Gun Lobby names Orlando Assault Weapon Americas Rifle June 13, 2016 New York Times In recent years, the AR-15 has simultaneously become one of the most beloved and criticized rifles in the country.

Fears of a ban have died down under the arms-friendly President Donald Trump, as have sales; Gunsmiths are experiencing a year-long recession that has led to lower prices for AR rifles. These discounts appear to have led to a record number of gun checks on Black Friday. Arms sales tend to increase after mass shootings and have been particularly high at various times during the Obama administration; Whenever new gun control legislation seems to have a better chance of success, sales follow.

It’s a buzzword that pops up in every conversation about women on Instagram who love guns. Exuberant portraits of women in cocktail dresses playing with machine guns on Instagram don’t particularly reflect the broader relationship between American women and guns that are mostly owned by American men.

However, according to a comprehensive five-year Gallup study, men are three times more likely to have a gun than women. A 2011 Gallup poll showed that 23% of women report personal ownership of a gun, compared with 46% of adult men, an increase of 10% from two years ago.

Although 37% of male gun owners said they would hunt at least occasionally, 28% of female gun owners would. Approximately four in ten female gunholders (43%) said they often or occasionally go to the shooting range; 58% of gunmen said the same. Among current gun owners, 52% of men said they went hunting, 46% said they had been shot at least a few times as a child, and about a quarter of women (23%) said they were involved in these case. Activities in childhood.

However, in rifle shooting, no differences were found between males and females when comparing whole groups, but favorable differences were found for females in the junior category between the ranks 11 to 50 and in the senior category above. On the other hand, the men achieved a higher level of rifle shooting between positions 11-30. When it comes to comparing the shooting results of men and women, Mont Lopez, Tejero-Gonzalez and Calero [3] showed that men are better at shooting with a pistol than women; however, there was no difference in the performance of men and women in rifle shooting.

Contrary to these findings, men performed better than women in other sports [6], and, in particular, in shooting, women are more fatigued than men when shooting certain types of rifles [7]. In addition, police officers did better than police officers with weapons [8], and men were better at handling 9mm weapons than women. [9] Finally, it can be said that men perform better than women in pistol shooting, but not in rifle shooting, where performance depends on the category and range of positions in the ranking. Consequently, there may not be a decrease in the stability of the female body [31].

If a short barrel is used, such as the Dayton pistol, it is easier to hide and use at close range. And by ditching the traditional shoulder stock, the owner can maintain the gun’s status as a pistol, as well as keep the barrel length below the 16-inch minimum required for shotguns. We then used the top 10 Radical Firearms group with a 10 1/2 ” barrel. The choice of weapon design also meant that the weapon was not as heavy as the assembly of the shotgun, making it easier for me to fire without fatigue.

After learning how to shoot AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, a dozen women decided to make custom versions of the pistol. Shooting clubs such as Babies with Bullets and Well-Armed Woman sprang up in The Girl and the Gun. In the late 1980s, following a slump in sales, gunmakers turned their attention to female shoppers, both to respond to their already existing gun enthusiasts and to enter the new market for women with an interest in guns.

That same year, a gun enthusiast named Sonny Jones started Women and Guns magazine, which reviews gun accessories and celebrates gun owners. So in July 2010, she started Austin Sure Shots, a free women’s shooting club. Now they are shooting together and arranging lingerie photos for Matte and her clients specifically for assault weapons.

In photographs of Texas gun clubs taken by Moland Fenkov, women pose with AK assault rifles like ancient trophy hunters. A common sight is custom-made rifles in lilac or matte pink with beautifully decorated holsters. These days, if you stroll through the weapons exhibition, chances are you won’t find at least one table full of AR-15 assault rifles in .223 caliber, finished in hot pink.

Known as America’s Pistol, it is owned by an estimated 3.7 million American families, making it the most popular shotgun in the country. It has 10 million users, which has expanded into an extensive network of discussion forums, a reference library for manuals and training programs, and a lucrative online store from which Avila, a US Army veteran who used the M16 on duty, now sells his pistols.



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