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We’ve built dozens of ARs and will cover all the best AR-15 upgrades like handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks and more. Here is a complete list of all the parts, upgrades and accessories I suggest if you want to make your rifle the best it can be and get the most out of the AR-15. My idea of ​​the best parts, upgrades and accessories is that I want the most reliable, accurate and lightweight AR-15.

After all, you will surely see that you have seemingly endless options in stock and complete spare kits when it comes to upgrading this part of your AR-15. You can also ask your local gunsmith to replace AR-15 series parts with more complex kits. You don’t have to take your rifle to the gunsmith to install a lot of the usual AR-15 upgrades.

Adding a better stock to your rifle is a very easy way to upgrade your AR-15. One of the most common modifications to the AR-15, modifying your rifle grip will make a huge difference when it comes to delivering the optimal shooting experience. One of the most common upgrades to the AR-15 is the replacement of the harness and harness attachments. This is one of the first parts I change on my rifles and is a must when working on the AR-15 upgrade.

The decision to add an extended magazine to your rifle is one of the best AR-15 upgrades you can make in terms of efficiency. Easy to install, the extended magazine version truly changes the rifle.

The Magpul MOE-SL Carbine stock is $60 and the upgraded butt plate is $20, which is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a solid upgrade for your military stock. It comes with a rubber liner so it doesn’t slip off your shoulder and you can upgrade to an improved liner if you want even more cushioning. The Magpul MOE K2+ Grip has the perfect grip and feels great in the hand.

The Magpul MOE grip is the most popular on the market. You will find that its ergonomic design is far superior to the typical A2 pistol grip. All in all, a quality grip can provide improved, fun, and accurate shots, no matter what gun you’re using. Insertable Magpul series grips are a solid option because you can store extra oil, some Skittle or even a spare bolt and striker with one of the available inserts.

There are plenty of well-made examples of single-point harnesses, but if you’re determined to buy one, get yourself a Magpul MS3 or MS4 harness that can be easily converted to a two-point harness. If you choose to use single point harnesses, the Magpul MS4 will do, but I highly recommend you try the two point harnesses. The two-point sling is also handy when carrying the rifle on the shoulder from the front, side, or rear. Multiple harness options make the Magpul MOE-SL Carabiner versatile for any rig with a rear button QD mount and two standard harness cutouts.

You don’t really need to upgrade your trigger, the standard mile style trigger found on most guns will be fine for most shooters. The military grade trigger found on most AR-15 rifles is not very good, and a good trigger on your rifle will be a huge improvement on your AR-15. If you decide to upgrade your rifle’s trigger, I suggest you look for a trigger that is not in a detachable cassette. In our original How to Choose an AR article, we recommend sticking with the standard Mil-Spec (military spec) trigger and letting it smooth out as you use it.

For those looking to upgrade and reach new heights of precision, the Geissele Automatics G2S trigger is a beautiful two-stage escapement that won’t break the bank. The Geissele SSA-E trigger is arguably the biggest change to your shotgun shooting experience, the one you’ll notice the most and is likely to become one of your favorite AR-15 upgrades. The best AR-15 triggers still retain the same geometry as mil-spec triggers, but are ground for a better feel.

In addition to the other benefits they provide, oversized trigger guards can improve the look of your AR-15. The Magpul Polymer Trigger Guard is another AR15 discount bestseller known for its shallow V-shaped Magpul Polymer Trigger Guard for more comfortable glove use during tactical shooting or cold weather operations. You can also choose the length of the handguard, which will be longer to accommodate extended grips and hang extra accessories.

Having a low profile gas lock allows you to carry a floating handguard which provides better accuracy and more space on the rail for your grip and accessories. You will need a great rail system to attach your scope and grips to. Rail Systems offers you the possibility to fit the necessary accessories to your rifle, such as flashlights, lasers, spare scopes, grips, etc.

When it comes to accuracy and stability, a quality augmented reality accessory can make a huge difference. With Magpul AR15 parts and accessories, you’ll get an “unfair advantage”. We use our rifles in everything from hunting to self-defense, and often with a few new accessories you can quickly change the purpose of rifles. The A2 grip and M4 stock will do fine in a pinch, but are often discarded in the first place in a new rifle.

Mounting Solution Plus offers quality parts, from springs to rings and triggers, to help you modify and upgrade existing firearms. From handguards designed to securely hold your firearm while aiming, to magazines that allow you to fire more shots, to harnesses that allow you to secure your firearm while using one hand to maneuver, these items are sure to make your day on the range more comfortable. , much more convenient. One thing you’ll always want to have is a few extra 30 round magazines to add to your collection before the liberals take them.



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