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AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and Pistols

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Airsoft AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and Pistols

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Diamondback Db15 5.56 Nato Semi Auto Rifle Midnight Bronze

The Diamondback DB15 Diamond Series is quite the reliable purchase — particularly in terms of getting started. The DB15 Diamond Series is Diamondbacks premium range, including upgraded triggers, furniture, a handsome hard case, and sights included in the box. The Diamondback DB15 series of rifles are available in a number of different finishes today, including a Diamond series that features Diamondbacks signature lower receiver design. The upper and lower receivers are compatible with standard Mil-Spec match plays, a relief considering the Diamondback-customized lower.

Another MagPul part, the MOE-K2+ ($25) has more of a vertical slant, making shorter-pull rifles a little more comfortable. The build is completed by a regulated MOE Carbine Stock, a MOE Grip, and 12-inch M-LOK Handguard Rail. On an adjustable-stock rifle such as this one, that means that the stock can be adjusted down, but not tightening up the hands.

I doubt that a lot of civilian shooters will have to worry about that, but the Diamondback is the kind of rifle that I would take out for a patrol. Scammers have tried to take advantage of website users in the past, and while we might not eliminate their presence 100%, we would eliminate the vast majority.

Fees may vary, so please consult an FFL dealer in advance for a fee estimate related to the firearms you are moving. Choose a local FFL – a licensed federal firearms dealer – who will take the gun and finalize your transfer. It may take another day or so for the FFL Dealer to be ready to handle your firearm transfer. Once you have placed your firearm in the cart and checked out, you will receive a confirmation email with your Order# and additional instructions.

The used cost of a DB15 rifle has dropped ($37.57) dollars in the last 12 months, reaching $525.77. First, people should know what they are getting for $1,000, and second, because this rifle is as reliably dull as and just as accurate as a Diamondback that I reviewed four years ago. Before I reviewed their AR-10, and ever since the Diamondback, they have been pumping out quality rifles for incredibly reasonable prices.



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