AR-15 Gun Shows

Stop just laying your guns on the table and display your AR-15 rifles and pistols with pride! You will have more table space and a better looking display. Don’t want to use real magazines? We offer a realistic fake magazine. We offer different colors and will accept custom orders as well.

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Gun Show AR-15 Stand

AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and Pistols

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Airsoft AR-15 style Rifles, SBRs, and Pistols

Display Stand

About Gun Shows

Generally, gun shows are governed by state laws governing the sale of firearms and ammunition, such as waiting times, records, and background check laws. For example, a study found that straw purchases at gun shows are more common in states with little regulation (Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Texas) than those (such as California) that regulate gun shows and require background checks for gun transfers.

In Colorado and New York, sellers must request a background check from a licensed dealer who must handle the transfer and they charge a fee from gun show organizers to ensure that a dealer is available at the gun show on request. If a gun seller does not have a license from a dealer, he must obtain a permit that can include background checks to sell weapons; Maryland requires a permit for sellers of handguns and assault weapons. Depending on state law, private sales of firearms at secondary markets such as guns shows and flea markets may or may not require registrations or background checks of all sales.

In the United States, gun show organizers rent large public venues, rent tables and exhibition space for gun dealers and related items, and charge buyers entry. Previous reviews and ATF gun show investigations have shown that prohibited persons such as convicted felons and juveniles buy guns at gun shows and that gun shows are often the source of gun trafficking with these prohibited persons. Previous reviews and ATF investigations have also found that firearms are diverted from gun shows to straw buyers, unregulated private sellers or licensed dealers.

Under the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA), gun dealers with a federal firearm license (FFL) are prohibited from doing business at gun shows unless they are permitted to do business at the address indicated on their license. 10 Sales to licensed retailers require background checks and extensive paperwork and permanent records while sales to individuals are anonymous and often undocumented. 7teen states require a background check for sales of handguns to individuals at a gun show and 10 gun shows also have private gun sales. 10 Only 6 states require a background check for private gun sales. The state of New York passed a gun law that requires all gun sales and transfers, including the sale or surrender of a gun or shotgun, to be subject to a national, immediate background check.

If firearm tracking is extended to recent records of potential handgun sales in California where centralized archives of private sales data exist and sales are routed through licensed retailers and if overall results are similar to those obtained with standard guns, it is possible that gun shows have longer-term, far-reaching effects on homicides and suicides rather than those of Duggan et al.

Enjoy your visit to the Phoenix Show from 11 to 12 September and buy a ticket here. We will send you an e-mail notification about the shows that interest you, click here. Our policy is that if you are refused a gun purchase, as is the case with 4473 NICS, you will be asked to leave the country.

A judge told the Del Mar Fair Board Monday that if they don’t provide more evidence of the government’s interest, they must stop lawful speech at the venue. Exhibitions of firearms in Omaha may not last more than three consecutive days.